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FF: Little Mix and P!nk

Hellooo! This week's Favourites Friday includes a couple of songs I've been listening to on repeat lately from Little Mix and P!nk!

Last week, Galantis, David Guetta and Little Mix released their new collaboration, Heartbreak Anthem! For the vocals on the track, Jade sings the verses, Leigh-Anne sings the pre-choruses and Perrie takes the lead on the choruses. All three band members show a strong vocal performance and I really like how the vocals have been produced. While the verses are lead by one vocal line from Jade, the pre-choruses and choruses are filled with layers of vocals and I love the ad-libs that are added into the choruses towards the end of the song. The track opens with a string-led introduction, before stripping back to just Jade's vocals and a piano. I really like how the strings contrast with but also complement the more electronic elements of Heartbreak Anthem. I love the instrumental for Heartbreak Anthem and it complements the vocals perfectly. I also really like the lyrics and love the song as a whole!

The video for Heartbreak Anthem solely features Little Mix and shows them performing on a stage and as I love anything featuring wings or feathers, it's no surprise that I LOVE the wings Little Mix wear in these scenes! I love that the wings have a mix of white and grey feathers on them, giving them a lifelike appearance and I also love that they move! I love the costumes, styling and variety of wigs in this video, particularly Jade's blonde bob! I also love the colour scheme throughout the video, but particularly in the scenes where they are performing on stage in their beautiful sparkling silver outfits.

P!nk released her new song All I Know So Far a few weeks ago and I love this song more every time I listen to it! In a comment on the music video, P!nk states that the song "was written as a letter to my daughter". This definitely shows in the lyrics, which focus on staying strong and true to yourself no matter what comes your way. I love P!nk's incredible voice and this acoustic guitar-led track allows her vocals and vocal range to shine.

The video for All I Know So Far is incredible and is more like a short film. The music video opens with P!nk reading her daughter a bedtime story where she talks about her childhood and her life growing up. The video then shows P!nk in a number of environments with plenty of references to her career so far. The visual effects in the video are amazing and they blur the lines between a land from dreams and reality. Oh and Cher makes a guest appearance, what more could you want!

Those are my two favourite songs at the moment! I also love the music videos for both of these, although they are completely different to each other!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!



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