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Avril Lavigne Silver Vinyl Review

Avril Lavigne Silver Vinyl

Hellooo! A while back I bought a copy of Avril Lavigne’s self-titled fifth album on vinyl! I bought it from the Banquet Records website for £20.99 plus £2 postage, which I thought was a bargain! I am a huge fan of Avril Lavigne and I am on a mission to add all of the limited edition colour vinyl albums to my collection, with this being the first of them that I purchased.

The vinyl arrived in a plastic sleeve with a golden Music On Vinyl sticker on the front detailing information about the record. The vinyl is packaged in a black inner sleeve that has a kind of plastic lining, within a gatefold sleeve and the vinyl record itself is a beautiful opaque silvery grey with black splatters that blend into the background. The centre of the vinyl is printed with the Avril Lavigne album logo and lists the songs that are recorded onto that side of the record.

Avril Lavigne Silver Vinyl

A silver stamp in the corner of the back of the gatefold sleeve states that out of the 3000 copies of the silver vinyl, my copy is number 882. The inside of the gatefold vinyl features a collage of black and white images of Avril Lavigne overlapping each other to create one large photo. Within the gatefold sleeve is a 4-page booklet which features an image similar to the album cover on the first page and the album lyrics on the second page. The third page is printed with another image of Avril Lavigne and the fourth and final page is covered with the album thank you’s and a final image of Avril Lavigne.

This limited edition silver and black copy of the vinyl record was the first time this album has been released on vinyl and was released to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the release of the Avril Lavigne album and I love the colour of the vinyl and the fact that it is limited to 3000 copies. The Avril Lavigne album features a mix of styles across the 13 tracks and includes singles such as Here’s to Never Growing Up, Rock n Roll and Let Me Go. I love all of those three songs, along with Hush Hush, which is the final track on the album. The album as a whole features a bit of a mix of genres and feels as though there are songs that pull from the various styles across Avril's previous albums.

Overall, I love the design of the album and the silver and black record corresponds perfectly with the design of the album cover and gatefold sleeve. I’m very happy to have this vinyl in my collection and hope to get all of her albums on coloured vinyl at some point!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!


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