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FF: Katy Perry, Olivia Rodrigo and Griff

Hellooo! It's an all-female lineup for this week's Favourites Friday with new singles from Katy Perry and Olivia Rodrigo, along with a track from Griff which I'm a bit late to the party for!

Katy Perry is back with her new single Electric, which is also the lead single from the Pokémon 25 soundtrack. This style of music definitely showcases Katy at her best and I LOVE this song! I love the instrumentation throughout the track and in particular, the percussion when Katy sings the word "electric" in the chorus. The lyrics are uplifting and Katy's voice sounds strong and full of power from start to finish. The video shows Katy Perry, with Pikachu as her sidekick, going back in time to visit young versions of Katy and Pikachu. Katy takes the opportunity to influence the path of the younger version of herself to ensure she enters a talent contest and finds her style. I really love the video for this one and the light shining on Katy from the bulb at the top of the lighthouse as she stands beside it looks beautiful!

good 4 u is the new single from Olivia Rodrigo and I love the lyrics in this track! The song is filled with sarcasm and anger following a breakup, which is also reflected in the rock influences on the track. I love the guitar and bass tones used in the instrumental for good 4 u, along with the production that has been applied to the vocals. I love the power in Olivia's voice in this song and how she pulls it back for a more delicate performance in the middle-8. The music video for good 4 u shows Olivia leading a cheerleader performance, singing in a supermarket and finally, in a flooded bedroom that is also on fire.

After watching Griff's performance of Black Hole on the Brit Awards, I just had to check out her music! I loved how she faultlessly recorded her backing vocals live on stage and seamlessly integrated them into the rest of the song. I also really liked the staging for Griff's performance, which began with Griff standing in the centre of a hole in a "big black heart", as referenced in the song lyrics. Griff then made her way to the main stage and performed the rest of the song with her band behind her and I love how she used the whole stage in her performance. Black Hole has an incredible instrumental sitting behind Griff's strong vocals. The instrumental features layers of synths and percussion that sound as though they weave in and out of each other without overpowering each other. I love Griff's voice and the layers of backing vocals featured in the studio version of the single, along with the song lyrics. I also love the way the music video was filmed!

Those are the 3 songs I have been listening to most over the past week or so! They are all different styles however, the common theme is that they are all sung by powerful female vocalists!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!




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