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Avril Lavigne - Goodbye Lullaby Green Vinyl Review

Avril Lavigne Goodbye Lullaby Green Vinyl

Hellooo! I am a HUGE fan of Avril Lavigne and way back in July 2019, I managed to get my hands on a copy of the limited edition pressing of her Goodbye Lullaby album on green coloured vinyl! I purchased the double LP from Discogs for £22, along with £3.50 postage, which I thought was a pretty good price! The record was listed as being in Mint condition, with the sleeve being in Near Mint condition. The listing also said that the record came in a resealable sleeve and was unplayed.

The vinyl arrived in perfect condition and as advertised, was packaged in a resealable sleeve. The sleeve included a golden Music On Vinyl sticker, detailing information about the vinyl release. The two beautiful rich green records are encased in plastic-lined black inner sleeves within a gatefold sleeve and I love how the green records match the album artwork and branding. The centres of the records are printed with an image of Avril Lavigne with the album logo and a list of the tracks recorded onto that side of the record.

Avril Lavigne Goodbye Lullaby Green Vinyl

The green edition of the Goodbye Lullaby double LP is limited to 2500 copies and mine is stamped on the reverse to state that it is copy number 876! As I always say, I love a limited edition and I’m very happy I managed to get a copy that was also numbered under 1000! The vinyl also comes with a 4 page booklet, which includes 4 images of Avril Lavigne, song lyrics, album credits and on the reverse, album thank you’s.

Goodbye Lullaby sees Avril Lavigne swap her electric guitar for an acoustic for the majority of the 14-track album, which is also scattered with pop-rock singles. Side A of the vinyl is recorded with the tracks Black Star, What The Hell, Push and Wish You Were Here. Side B of the vinyl features Smile, Stop Standing There, I Love You and Everybody Hurts. Not Enough, 4 Real and Darlin are printed onto Side C and Remember When, Goodbye and Alice are recorded onto Side D.

The lead singles from the album include What The Hell, Smile and Wish You Were Here, along with Alice, which also features on the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack. My favourite tracks on the album are Not Enough, What The Hell, Smile and Push. I love the softer side of Avril Lavigne that is displayed in the Goodbye Lullaby album.

Overall, I love the Goodbye Lullaby album and I am SO happy to have the limited edition green vinyl in my collection! I love the combination of pop-rock singles and more acoustic tracks, along with the lyrics throughout the album. I’m on a mission to add the rest of Avril Lavigne’s albums on coloured vinyl so I’m sure I will upload reviews of those as I get them. However, keep an eye out for my review of the silver vinyl edition of Avril Lavigne’s self-titled fifth album, which will be my next upload!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!


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