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Spice Girls - The Greatest Hits Vinyl Picture Disc Review

Hellooo! Last week I received an email from HMV advertising another offer of 50% off selected items and after browsing through the titles included in the offer, I found one that I was VERY excited about! I decided to order a copy of the picture disc version of the Spice Girls’ Greatest Hits album, which was reduced from £27.99 to £13.99 once the discount was applied.

The sticker on the plastic wrapping covering the record said that the album was “available for the first time on vinyl” and that this was a “special edition” picture disc containing “no less than nine no.1 smash hit singles”. The vinyl record itself is held within a clear plastic inner sleeve inside a cardboard outer sleeve with a window on the front to allow the picture disc to be seen. I love that the front of the cardboard sleeve features the legs of the band members, which matches up to the vinyl record inside the sleeve. The reverse of the cardboard sleeve features a ring with “SPICE GIRLS GREATEST HITS” engraved onto it, along with the tracklisting for each side of the record.

Side A of the picture disc features the Spice Girls logo, along with The Greatest Hits and below these logos, an image of the band. I love how the colourful logo matches the colourful outfits worn by the Spice Girls. Side B of the picture disc features a college of individual and group images of the band. The record also features an insert with the album credits and an image of the Spice Girls, within their logo from earlier on in their career. The reverse of this insert is filled with a more recent image of the band and I love that this kind of book-ends their career. The vinyl also includes a download code for the album, which is always a bonus! The 15 tracks on the album are split across two sides of the vinyl and include a selection of songs spanning their whole career, including all of their iconic hit singles. I also ordered The High Note on DVD for £9.99, which I am VERY excited to watch! This addition to my order also took my order total over the £20 mark, which resulted in free standard delivery.

I love that HMV have decided to have more offers on their vinyl range and I thought that this one was a bargain! I really like the packaging of this vinyl however, I do wish that the plastic inner sleeve was made of a more substantial plastic as it’s a bit cloudy, rather than completely clear. I love the overall design of the vinyl itself, along with the outer sleeve and that the reverse of the picture disc is covered in a collage of images of the band, rather than one full image. I bought this album on CD when it was first received and I am very happy to now have a vinyl copy in my collection!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!




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