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Top 10 Taylor Swift Re-recorded Tracks I'm Most Excited For

Hellooo! Following the release of Taylor Swift’s re-recording of Love Story and her announcement that Fearless (Taylor’s Version) will be released in April, I thought I’d round up the songs I’m most excited to hear Taylor’s version of! I LOVE Love Story (Taylor's Version) and how much better the audio quality is compared with the original. It's almost like listening to a HD version of the original and I can't wait to hear the rest of her new recordings and particularly these 10!

10) The Last Time [featuring Gary Lightbody] (Red)

Taylor has a few collaborations scattered across her back catalogue and I can’t help but wonder if the featuring artists will make an appearance on the re-recordings of the songs! The Last Time featuring Gary Lightbody is one of these collaborations and I’m excited to hear how the production will vary on the new version of this one!

9) The Outside (Taylor Swift)

Taylor’s voice has definitely changed since her debut self-titled album and you can hear it most in songs like The Outside. I’m interested to see if she is going to try and match how her voice sounded at the time or embrace how her voice has matured since the Taylor Swift album was released.

8) Haunted (Speak Now)

In the choruses in Haunted, there are layers of strings and guitars and after listening to how the different instruments are separated and enhanced in Taylor’s version of Love Story, I’m excited to hear how Taylor’s version of Haunted will sound once it has been re-recorded!

7) The Way I Loved You (Fearless)

In The Way I Loved You, the guitars blend together to form one solid sound but as with Haunted, following the release of the re-recorded Love Story, I’m intrigued to see if they will separate these more in this track or keep it as a solid sound.

6) Delicate (Reputation)

The Reputation album showed a different side of Taylor Swift and I LOVE the song Delicate, particularly the layers of vocals with electronic effects added that open the song. With the more recent albums, the audio and recording quality of the music is already high so I’m looking forward to hearing if the audio will be even more clear than the original versions.

5) Sparks Fly (Speak Now)

Sparks Fly shows off the country tone to Taylor’s voice perfectly and it is one of my favourite songs from her so I can’t wait to hear how Taylor’s version will sound!

4) Change (Fearless)

I LOVE the song Change from the Fearless album but something about the production has always bugged me. I think it’s because the vocals seem to stand out and feel separate from the rest of the song however, I love the song itself so I’m very excited to hear the new version and see whether it will feel more complete than the original.

3) Everything Has Changed [featuring Ed Sheeran] (Red)

As with The Last Time, Everything Has Changed from the album Red features Ed Sheeran and I LOVE this song, but will Ed return and feature on Taylor’s version of the track? We will have to wait and see!

2) Out of the Woods (1979)

Out Of The Woods is definitely one of my favourite Taylor Swift songs and I just love it! I love the vocals, the instrumental and the lyrics and everything comes together perfectly so I’m excited to hear how Taylor’s version will sound!

1) Enchanted (Speak Now)

Enchanted always strikes me as a kind of classic Taylor Swift sounding song and it is definitely another one of my favourites from her. I love Taylor’s version of Love Story and I’m hoping Taylor’s version of Enchanted will be given the same treatment!

All in all, I can't wait to hear Taylor's versions of her first six albums and particularly the ten songs listed here! I think I'm most excited to hear the new versions of the Fearless and Speak Now albums but I'll definitely be listening to them all when they are released!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!



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