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Blue Vinyl Collection - All Time Low, Chvrches and Fall Out Boy!

All Three Records

Hellooo! I've done a few posts about records in my vinyl collection and thought I'd write one ​​dedicated to the blue records I own! I bought these three around the same time and it was a pure coincidence that they were all different shades of blue! I have the solid pale blue version of All Time Low's Future Hearts, a translucent blue copy of Love Is Dead from Chvrches and an ice blue version of Fall Out Boy's American Beauty / American Psycho. I bought all three records from HMV and at the time, Future Hearts was £11.99, Love Is Dead was £12.99 and American Beauty / American Psycho was £13.99.

All Time Low Vinyl

First up is the Future Hearts album from All Time Low! I did a quick bit of research and found that there are a fair few versions of this vinyl available including half light blue and ​​half white, clear with light blue and white splatter, clear with white splatter, opaque grey, tri-colour (white, light blue and black striped) and pink! Most of these were limited run, numbered records however mine is the solid pale blue version which I think is pretty common. I love the cover art for this album and the colour scheme they've chosen to use throughout the branding. The outer sleeve is a standard cardboard sleeve (not gatefold) and the inner sleeve includes a picture of the band and a line from the song Future Hearts underneath. The reverse of the inner sleeve includes the band 'thank you' notes, along with song credits and a picture of the band. This record also came with a download code and mine included two, which I'm not sure if it was supposed to or not but it's a nice bonus!

Next is the Love Is Dead album from Chvrches and I LOVE how colourful the outer sleeve is! This gatefold vinyl includes an image of the band across the middle, with all colours desaturated apart from blue - similar to the All Time Low album! The inner sleeve is branded with the crossed heart logo from the cover, with the hole in the centre matching up to the branding on the vinyl itself. The record also included a download code on a slip of paper branded with the same logo which I love! This one also came with a lyrics sheet which also includes album credits. The vinyl itself is translucent blue and I LOVE it! There's also a clear version of the vinyl available but I'm very happy with mine!

Finally, I have Fall Out Boy's American Beauty / American Psycho! This one is another gatefold sleeve and I found it interesting that the image across the centre is more abstract, rather than an image of the band. The inner sleeve is plain white with cropped corners and it didn't include a download code (I'm not sure if it was supposed to or not), which I found interesting. The vinyl included a lyrics sheet, with song lyrics and credits on one side and an image similar to the cover art on the reverse. The vinyl itself includes the Fall Out Boy logo on the centre and is ice blue with slight marbling. The one I own is extremely pale and the blue swirls are very faint but I still love it! Along with this version of the vinyl, there's also a dark blue one and a grey one with black swirls, which was a reissue in 2018.

Overall, I love all three of these records and although none of them are limited editions, I love coloured vinyl and am very happy to have these in my collection! I also love that they are all different shades and of blue and have different levels of opacity!

Thanks for reading!


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