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You - Regard, Troye Sivan & Tate McRae Signed Singles Review

Regard, Troye Sivan and Tate McRae Signed You Singles

Hellooo! Back in June, I discovered that there were signed copies of Regard, Troye Sivan, and Tate McRae's song You on Regard's store and of course, I had to grab a copy (or 3)! There were 3 different versions of the single available to order, which were all the same but were signed by each individual artist featured in the collaboration. I grabbed one of each of the signed singles, which were £2.99 each, with a total shipping fee of £6.90, bringing the order to £15.87 in total for the three singles including shipping.

As the items were pre-ordered, they were dispatched a week after I ordered them and arrived super quickly and in perfect condition. The CD's are encased in cardboard sleeves, rather than plastic cases and I love the artwork for the single, which features images of an eye in hues of pink and blue. The contrasting colour combination looks beautiful and I also like the simple black box on the front, filled with the artists' names and the song title. Tate McRae and Troye Sivan have signed their names on their singles in black ink and Regard has signed his in silver ink. The CD's inside the cardboard sleeves are also printed with the single's artwork.

You is a song that never fails to get stuck on repeat in your head with its catchy chorus. I love the atmospheric feel to the single and it is a perfect example of how successful collaborations can be. Troye Sivan and Tate McRae's voices sound amazing together and it is incredible how well they blend together when they sing at the same time as each other. Sitting behind their vocals is an instrumental filled with layers of perfectly balanced synths, which suit their voices and I love how Regard, Troye and Tate's contributions to the sound of the song are all in harmony with each other and I also love the lyrics to You.

The second track on the single is an extended version of You, which features a longer intro and outro. It would have been a nice touch to have different versions of the song or different artwork on the three versions of the single that were available to purchase however, I'm VERY happy to have these signed copies of You in my collection!

Along with the song itself, I also really like the music video for You, which shows you the workings of an internet hacker who has an obsession with the trio. The music video was released on 27th May and I can't quite believe it but the single itself was released back on 16th April! 11th June brought us the gorgeous acoustic version of the single, which strips the song back and highlights Troye and Tate's vocals with a black and white video. I also love their live performance on Jimmy Fallon, along with the "live performance" video the trio released of the song.

You is definitely one of my favourite songs of this year and even though it has been out for a few months now and I have played it SO many times, I still love it! The single is a perfect collaboration between Regard, Troye Sivan and Tate McRae and I'm very happy I have signed copies of the single!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!



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