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FF: The Script and Hey Violet!

Hellooo! It feels like forever since I last sat down and wrote a Favourites Friday! This post includes one that I've been loving for a while now and a new-ish favourite! I've loved Hey Violet's Queen Of The Night for a good few months now and I've listened to The Script's The Last Time SO much over the past few weeks!

First up is the new song from The Script titled The Last Time! I've spent a decent chunk of the last few weeks listening to this song as I have a bit of a habit of finding a song I love and listening to it on repeat! I love the structure of the song and the changes in instrumentation throughout the song. The introduction and first verse is stripped back and sounds quite delicate and I LOVE how the chords come in during the pre-chorus leading up to the first chorus. The powerful chorus contrasts with the first verse and the drums suit the chorus amazingly. I also LOVE the bass in the second pre-chorus! The overall instrumentation throughout the song is perfect and I love the use of delay on the lead vocals, which is not too overpowering but is still noticeable within the track. In the music video, the black and white performance shots contrast the colour narrative clips, which I love. I also liked how a lot of the story was told from the same room as it acted as a static while the relationship between the characters was going through changes.

Hey Violet released the audio for Queen Of The Night on the 19th July which I really liked however, it was the Live From Capitol Studios version that was released on 12th August caught my attention! I love how Rena's voice sounds live and she has more emotion

than in the polished studio version. And let's just talk about that long note in the final chorus! Rena held the note effortlessly and I was VERY impressed when I first heard it, well I still am! I love the guitar tone throughout the song, which works well with the atmospheric bass. I love the mix of electronic and acoustic drums and the percussion throughout the song. I've found it so interesting to see Hey Violet developing their style over the years and I love where they are at the moment! I also LOVE the video for this version of Queen Of The Night! The audience surrounding the band give the video an intimate feel, as though you're watching Hey Violet rehearsing. The different camera angles as the camera circles around the band add variation and I LOVE the framing of the shots of Rena with the light shining from behind her, as you can see in the thumbnail!

Overall, I've listened to both of these songs SO many times and I still love them! I find that I keep going back to Hey Violet's Queen Of The Night (Live From Capitol Studios) as there's just something about the song and video that draws me back in! I'm also VERY excited to get listening to The Script's new album Sunsets & Full Moons, which is out today!

Thanks for reading!


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