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The Vamps Four Corners UK Tour (Hull) Front Row Review - Part 1, The Supports

Taylor Grey

Hellooo! Last Wednesday I took a VERY exciting trip to Hull Bonus Arena to see THE ​​VAMPS! I'd been looking forward to seeing their Four Corners UK Tour for SO LONG and finally the day arrived! I've decided to split the blog post into three parts (the supports, The Vamps and the merch) so that it doesn't turn into one great big essay about the night! This post will focus on the supports for the show, including New Hope Club who I was VERY excited to see again, following their slot supporting The Vamps on their last tour (review here)! I'll go into ticket prices and the ticket buying process a bit more in my next post, but for now I'll just say that I was OVER THE MOON that I managed to get front row tickets for by concert buddy Lyndsey and I! My photos of the supports for the tour aren't the best as my camera didn't seem to like the spotlights but I tried my best! The set times were doors open at 7:00pm, Taylor Grey at 7:27pm, The Power Of Muzik at 7:45pm, New Hope Club at 8:03pm, before The Vamps at 8:50pm! I think they more or less stuck to those times, though I think The Vamps came on a few minutes late.

Taylor Grey was the first support act to take to the stage and I really liked her voice! Her songs were catchy and I'm not sure on her full setlist but it included her singles Intentionally and Back To Bite. I loved that she had a band with her and I also really liked her outfit! The second act listed for the evening was The Power Of Muzik, so I was a bit confused when Denis Coleman appeared on stage! I think he only sang one song, which was his single Imperfect and I quite liked his voice. Once he had finished his song, he left the stage and was VERY quickly replaced by Luena, who sang a couple of songs including Humble. I really liked her voice and her vocal range was impressive! Luena gave a very confident performance and I liked her! Following her performance, she was swiftly replaced by Asher

Asher Knight

Knight, who sang Step Back along with two backing dancers. By this point, we guessed that The Power Of Muzik was a number of artists singing a song or two each, however we had no idea how long they would be on for! Following Asher Knight's performance, Denis Coleman and Luena returned to the stage to perform a group cover of Little Mix's single Think About Us, which went down VERY well with the audience! They had a dance routine and all three of them put so much energy into their performances, however their group finale was definitely my favourite from their set!

New Hope Club Reece

The final support act for The Vamps was New Hope Club, who I was VERY excited to see! As soon as they stepped foot on stage the crowd were on their feet and it felt like you were at a New Hope Club concert! The band got the biggest reaction out of all the supports and I LOVED their performance! New Hope Club's set opened with Fixed, which I thought was a great way to start their performance! Following Fixed was one of my favourites from the band, Let Me Down Slow! Their performance of the song definitely did not disappoint and I LOVED it! Next was a cover of Lewis Capaldi's Someone You Loved, which lead to the audience bringing out their lights for the slow track. The song showcased the band's voices and I loved the performance! Medicine was the next song on the setlist and when they first

New Hope Club

released the song last year, I LOVED it and again, their performance of the song did not disappoint! Next was a cover of The Beatles' I Want To Hold Your Hand, which I thought was a great choice for their set! The next song New Hope Club performed was their latest single, Love Again, which I was not expecting them to play! I LOVE this song (wrote a little Favourites Friday of it here) and I was SO happy to hear them play it! I think this might have been the first play of the song as it wasn't on the setlist earlier on in the tour and it was SO GOOD! Permission closed the set and it was a great song to finish on! I loved their entire performance and was SO happy to see them live! I loved the setlist as it had a good mix of their own music, along with a recognisable chart cover and what they described as 'one for the mums and dads' in the form of a cover of The Beatles! The band filled the stage with an energetic performance and I was VERY impressed! Blake hardly ever stood still and Reece and George were also full of energy, however that definitely didn't effect their vocal or instrumental performances! New Hope Club nailed every song and I'm VERY happy I got to see them live again!

Thanks for reading!


P.S. More pictures below!

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