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The Vamps Four Corners UK Tour (Hull) Review - Part 3, Merch Haul

The Vamps Merch

Hellooo! This is the third and final post about The Vamps' Four Corners UK Tour at Hull ​​​​Bonus Arena a couple of weeks ago! Part 1 focused on the support acts, Part 2 was all about The Vamps' AMAZING performance and this final post will be all about the merchandise I bought on the night! We were expecting the merchandise stand to be complete mayhem but it was quite quiet and we didn't have to queue long. The prices of everything was clearly labelled and New Hope Club also had a little collection to the side of The Vamps' merch. The staff were helpful and it was an overall pain free experience!

Last time we went to see The Vamps (cheeky link to that review here), they had venue specific wristbands, with the town or city written on and I got a Sheffield one. This time around, they had them again so I got a Hull one! The Four Corners UK Tour wristbands are fabric, festival style wristbands which can be adjusted to the size you want and cost £5.

The Vamps Wristband

The main difference between the wristbands for this tour and the last tour is that these ones have the tour title on, which I loved! They also have The Vamps' new logo on them, which I really like! Each venue wristband also has a different colour scheme, with the Hull wristbands being dark brown with kind of orangey brown features on them. The wristbands are also limited to 1500 per venue and I LOVE a good limited edition! Also although it's not quite merchandise, we were given gold wristbands as we were front row! I've never been front row at a concert before and I LOVED that we got wristbands!

As with every tour I go to see, I bought a The Vamps tour t-shirt! There were two designs which had the Four Corners UK Tour dates printed on the back, with one being a white top with a colourful version of the Missing You EP artwork on the front and the other being the one I bought! The one I went for was a black t-shirt with a more abstract image on the front, featuring The Vamps' tour logo and Four Corners UK Tour logo. This one was £20 and the white one was £25 and I have to say, I'm not quite sure why there was a £5 difference in the tops but I guess there was a reason for it. I loved the design on the front of the top and how different it was to other pieces of The Vamps merchandise!

I also bought a programme for £10. I always LOVE The Vamps programmes and this one was no exception! The book is high quality and is full of plenty of pictures from photoshoots, behind the scenes of the band recording in the studios and the band on stage. I loved that they included fans in the programme, with a page full of questions from fans on Twitter answered by the band! There's also a double page spread with a timeline of The Vamps' singles and albums, along with tours they have either headlined or supported other artists on. The programme also features an image of all city wristbands, which I really liked! The last few pages of the programme feature all the support acts for the tour and I loved that they included them! Also bonus tip! The programme has a kind of velvety finish to the cover and if you spill something on it, it wipes off easily without damaging anything!

Overall, all The Vamps merch I bought was super high quality and I LOVED them all! I loved the exclusive aspect of the limited edition wristbands and I LOVED how well designed the program was! The prices were also pretty reasonable which was a bonus!

Thanks for reading!


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