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TBT: Bastille Doom Days Club Nights UK Tour (Grimsby) Review

Hellooo! Back on the 4th December we went to see Bastille on their Doom Days Club Nights UK Tour at Grimsby Auditorium! It was an amazing night and it was pretty surreal having an artist like Bastille performing in Grimsby of all places! I booked tickets as part of the Bastille presale and managed to secure seats 13 and 14 in Row C in the balcony! The tickets were £37.50 each, along with additional service and facility charges of £5.20 per ticket. Before the show, we stopped by the merchandise stand and I bought one of the Doom Days Club Nights UK Tour t-shirts for £25 (I think)!

The first part of Bastille's set was their latest album Doom Days played in full, a format that I've not experienced at a gig before! Playing the album in full brought Doom Days to life and it suited being played straight through from start to finish, rather than being mixed in with songs from other albums. The show opened with Quarter Past Midnight and Bad Decisions before going into Waves. I loved the lighting in Waves as the lights shining down from the backdrop suited more atmospheric chorus perfectly, contrasting with the flashing lights in the verses. Dan took to his piano for Divide and I loved his passionate performance.

Million Pieces was next and was one of my favourites from the show! I love the song a LOT and Bastille's performance definitely didn't disappoint! I loved the lighting again throughout this song and Dan's vocals were amazing, even though he was jumping and running around! I also loved the drum break before the final chorus! The Doom Days sofa was brought onto the rotating podium for Doom Days and I really liked the aesthetic of the performance of the song! It felt quite intimate, as though Dan was kind of thinking out loud on his sofa. The lighting was very simple but went crazy when the beat kicked in. Nocturnal Creatures was next and again, I loved the performance and the lighting!

Nocturnal Creatures ended with Dan running off stage, before appearing in the balcony to sing 4am! It was all very surreal to have Dan singing right in front of us but it was incredible! Dan was interacting with the audience and I felt lucky to have experienced his performance! Another Place was next on the setlist, another one of my favourites! Back in November I actually wrote a blog post featuring the version of Another Place that featured Alessia Cara and the live version was another amazing performance! Dan returned to his sofa for Those Nights, reflecting the music video for the track and the staging suited the song perfectly! The main setlist was completed with a performance of Joy, which was full of energy yet again!

Following a short break, Bastille returned to the stage for the Chaos Planet section of the show! This section opened with Bastille's cover of Can't Fight This Feeling, probably best known for featuring on the 2019 John Lewis Christmas advert! Next on the setlist was Good Grief and These Streets, another two songs that I loved seeing live! Admit Defeat was next, taken from the This Got Out Of Hand Edition of Doom Days, followed by Hangin' and surprise surprise, I loved the lighting on both again! Happier was next, which I was VERY excited to see live! Dan walked through the standing section of the audience and it was amazing to see how he interacted with the crowd! The atmosphere was just incredible! Of The Night was next on the setlist, which was definitely a hit with the audience and was another amazing performance! The last track of the night was Pompeii and that atmosphere was amazing! The whole auditorium was singing along and it was incredible to be a part of!

Overall, the whole night was amazing and it was pretty surreal to see an act like Bastille in Grimsby! The Doom Days album definitely suited being played from start to finish and the Chaos Planet section of the setlist had a great mix of old and new tracks. I loved the staging of the production and the backdrop which reflected the Club Nights theme of the tour. The talent of the whole band was incredible and Dan's voice was faultless throughout the whole performance, he sounded just like the studio versions of the songs, even when he was jumping around! It was amazing to see Dan going up into the balcony and through the standing section of the crowd. In case you couldn't tell, I LOVED the lighting throughout the show! The stage was filled with lights from all angles and I loved the lights down the sides of the stage, which made it feel larger. I LOVED the lights that shone through the backdrop and how the lighting enhanced the changing tone of the production from song to song. I also really liked the TV screens on stage and the vintage aspect they brought to the production. All in all, the show definitely didn't feel like it had been scaled down to fit the smaller venue and I loved the production. It was an amazing show and I'm so glad I managed to get tickets!

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