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FF: Lil Dicky, Lewis Capaldi and New Hope Club!

Hellooo! This week's Favourites Friday includes a bit of a range of songs! First up is ​​Earth by Lil Dicky, featuring half the pop music industry! Following Earth is Lewis Capaldi's Hold Me While You Wait and Love Again by New Hope Club! Earth has an incredible message behind it and Hold Me While You Wait and Love Again are both full of emotional, honest lyrics and I love them all!

Earth by Lil Dicky is the first song of today's Favourites Friday and I love the message behind this song! The song was released back in mid April and I'm not sure why I only recently heard about it! Lil Dicky has brought together a whole load of names from the music industry for a track with all proceeds going to environmental charities. I love the video for the song and how it links seamlessly with the song itself. Earth features artists voicing animals or plants, including Ariana Grande (Zebra), Katy Perry (Pony), Justin Bieber (Baboon), Brendon Urie (Pig), Miley Cyrus (Elephant), Ed Sheeran (Koala) and Shawn Mendes (Rhinos) to name but a few! I love that the song features humorous lyrics along with meaningful lines and the song has a powerful message overall. It's

incredible how many artists have come together for this song and I imagine if Earth was ever performed live, it would be AMAZING! Oh, and I love the addition of Leonardo DiCaprio at the end of the music video!

I LOVED Lewis Capaldi's last single, Someone You Loved and his new track, Hold Me While You Wait is no exception! Hold Me While You Wait was released last Friday and continues the sound of Someone You Loved but with a more upbeat tempo. The song has more instrumentation behind it and it definitely suits the song and compliments Lewis Capaldi's voice well! I LOVE the backing vocals throughout the song and the rhythm, particularly in the chorus. The lyrics are emotional and feel genuine and the song showcases the lyrics well. Overall, I love this track and can't wait to hear Lewis Capaldi's album (Divinely ​​​​

Uninspired To A Hellish Extent) which is going to be released next Friday!

Next up is New Hope Club's new single, Love Again! This track was also released last Friday and I LOVE the song! I LOVE the atmospheric guitar, particularly in the first verse and the way it introduces the song. I love the song overall and the melodies throughout the vocals, particularly the pre chorus and chorus. The layered vocals in the chorus and middle 8 suit the tone of the song overall and I LOVE the soft, synthy sound of the song. Love Again showcases a more mature side of New Hope Club and I love the song! This is particularly shown in the lyrics which again, I love! I'm also very much hoping New Hope Club perform Love Again as part of their set while supporting The Vamps on their Four Corners UK Tour which I am attending next week!

Thanks for reading!


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