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The Vamps Night & Day (Day Edition) Vinyl Review

The Vamps Vinyl Cover

Hellooo! I'm going to see The Vamps very soon which I am SO excited for, so I've been ​​listening to a lot of their music lately in the lead up to it! This also explains all the The Vamps content I've been posting lately! I was browsing eBay the other week (as you do), and came across The Vamps' Night & Day (Day Edition) album on vinyl for £5.99 plus £4.99 postage, which I thought was a pretty good deal! I put a maximum bid on of £7.01 and ended up winning the auction with that bid, resulting in the record being £12 including postage. The 12" double LP was listed as 'New' and the title and description of the listing stated that it was 'Sealed', with the image also showing the same and it looked in good condition.

I love this album but haven't yet posted a review of the album itself so this post will be a review of the physical vinyl, rather than the music on it. The Vamps released the Night & Day album in two parts, with the first being the Night Edition and the second being the Day Edition. The Day Edition of the album also included eight out of ten tracks from the Night Edition of the album. The first record of this double LP comprises of the Day Edition tracks, with Side A including Just My Type, Hair Too Long, Talk Later, Too Good to Be True and For You. Side B includes What Your Father Says, Cheap Wine, Personal, Time is Not on Our Side and Pictures of Us, wrapping up the Day Edition tracks. The second vinyl consists of Night Edition tracks, with Side C including Middle of the Night, All Night, Hands and Same to You, with Side D including Paper Hearts, Shades On, It's A Lie and Stay.

The Night & Day (Day Edition) LP arrived new and sealed and although there were a few creases on the cardboard sleeve, it was mostly in good condition. I was surprised to find that it wasn't in a gatefold sleeve as I expected it to be with it including two records and I'm not sure why they didn't go for a gatefold sleeve. The vinyl also included a digital download code, which is definitely a bonus if you don't own the CD or digital version. Within the outer sleeve, both records were contained within their own fully branded inner sleeves. The inner sleeve for the first record had the song credits and band 'thank you' notes on the front, with the track list for sides A and B on the reverse. The second inner sleeve included a picture of the band printed on the front and the track list for sides C and D on the back. I loved that the centre of both sides of the records were branded to match the sleeves, with each one being slightly different but within the same colour scheme.

Overall, I'm very happy with the Night & Day (Day Edition) vinyl and the condition it arrived in! I do wish it was in a gatefold sleeve but I love that the inner sleeves are branded throughout, showing that a lot of thought and design went into the record. I also like that the Day Edition and Night Edition are split up, with the Night Edition tracks on the first LP and the Day Edition songs on the second!

Thanks for reading!


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