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FF: Taylor Swift, Brendon Urie and Robinson

Hellooo! This week's Favourites Friday includes the new track from Taylor ​​Swift featuring ​​Brendon Urie, along with a song from Robinson, who I randomly came across on YouTube! ME! is Taylor Swift's new song and I was very intrigued as to how the duet with Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie would sound! I've been loving listening to that song, along with Robinson's Karma!

For a couple of weeks, Taylor Swift had been hinting that she was releasing new music and last Friday, she released her new single, ME! This track also features Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie and I was VERY interested to hear how they would sound together as a duet. The two artists sound great together and I LOVE the way their voices blend together and the harmonies between them. I also love that the song blends aspects of both their styles and is a solid duet! ME! is a catchy song which is certain to get stuck in everyone's heads for the foreseeable future and I love the pre-chorus! I also love the instrumentation in the chorus and throughout the song. The sound of the song contrasts the Reputation era, bringing back aspects of her sound prior to that album and I love the uplifting lyrics in the song. Taylor Swift's videos are always more like mini movies with a huge production behind the scenes and this one is no different! I loved how the snake transformed

into butterflies at the start of the video and all the hidden meanings throughout the video. I also love the colour scheme throughout the video and how Taylor and Brendon worked together to tell the story.

I stumbled across Karma by Robinson when it popped up as a 'suggested' video on YouTube one night and I'm so glad it did! The verses have interesting melodies in the lead vocal line and I love the pre-chorus! The chorus is catchy and I love the witty lyrics throughout the song and how they contrast the happy sound of the song. I also really like the synthy bass in the chorus and the overall instrumentation throughout the song. I like the vintage theme of the video and how it contrasts with the more modern 'you didn't text me back' message on the flowers. The vintage theme is strong throughout the video, from Robinson's make up and clothing to the filming style, which I like! I love Robinson's voice and her unique style and I love this song!

I've also still been listening to the Missing You EP from The Vamps and New Hope Club's Welcome To The Club (Pt.2) a LOT! You can check out my posts on these two EPs here (The Vamps) and here (New Hope Club) so you don't have to read my rambling about them again! I'm still loving Missing You and Waves from The Vamps and Let Me Down Slow (Live At The O2), though I still wish there was a studio version of the latter!

Thanks for reading!


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