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Limited Edition: Moana Record Store Day 2017 Picture Disc Review

Moana Vinyl in Clear Sleeve

Hellooo! I've wrote a few posts about limited edition items I own, along with items in my vinyl ​​collection. I have since added a new one to my collection in the form of a 10" Moana picture disc released for Record Store Day 2017, which also happens to be my first 10" vinyl! I must have missed the record from the 2017 Record Store Day list because I only discovered it existed a few months ago, before immediately added it to my vinyl wishlist! The record was also limited to 3000 and we all know I love a good limited edition, particularly if there's a limited number of copies available!

I was browsing eBay and came across a listing for the vinyl with a starting price of £8.00 with £3.50 postage. I placed my bid on it and it ended up being the only bid on the listing so I paid £11.50 in total, which I thought was a bit of a bargain! The record was listed as 'New'

Moana Vinyl Side A

and said in the title that it was 'sealed'. Side A on the vinyl contains How Far I'll Go, sung by Auli'i Cravalho as the titular character, Moana and side B includes You're Welcome, sung by Dwayne Johnson as Maui.

The Moana How Far I'll Go / You're Welcome vinyl arrived in good condition, contained within a clear plastic sleeve. There is also a sticker in the top left corner of the sleeve indicating that it was a Record Store Day 2017 release. The sleeve wasn't sealed however, it didn't look as though it had been opened or removed from the sleeve. I LOVE the images that were chosen for each side of this record and how high quality they are! The colours are bright and vibrant and the overall pictures both look amazing! Side A shows Moana stood on the beach holding her paddle, ​​

Moana Vinyl Side B

with the island and ocean in the background. Side B shows Maui stood on the sand with the island in the background, holding his hook. I do kind of wish they'd included Hei Hei somewhere in the images but I still love the pictures they chose without him! Both sides feature the song title and artist written along the bottom of the image and I like that the writing is curved in line with the edge of the record.

I found it interesting that they chose to produce a 10" single but only include one song on each side, though I guess it gives more space to fill for a picture disc and there is already a picture disc of the soundtrack available. I like that Moana was chosen as a Record Store Day release as it's a way to get children interested in Record Store day and vinyl records in general! All in all, I'm SO HAPPY with this record! I've been eyeing up the Moana How Far I'll Go / You're Welcome 10" Record Store Day 2017 vinyl for SO long now and I'm very happy to finally have it in my collection!

Thanks for reading!


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