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The Vamps Depop Mystery Haul?

Hellooo! Now The Vamps are a band that I am most definitely a fan of and recently I came across a Depop listing for a bundle of The Vamps merchandise including a couple of signed items. I'm a bit of a collector of signed CDs and I recently bought the signed CD bundle version of The Vamps' latest album Night & Day (Day Edition). This included four versions of the album (one for each member), with each one signed by one band member. Once I managed to get my hands on this, I decided I wanted a signed CD with all four members on one cover, if that makes sense!

Lately, I've been enjoying browsing the Depop app as there are plenty of CDs, records and signed items amongst the clothing and I just generally enjoy using the app! Anyways, I came across a bundle of The Vamps merchandise which included a signed CD and programme. A few items on the listing had been sold individually, including a signed VIP tour lanyard, however the signed CD and programme were still available which were the items I wanted most! After some negotiations with the girl selling the items (who was lovely!), we agreed on £20 for the CD and book including postage and she offered to generously throw in any other The Vamps items she had left that she could find!

The bundle arrived well packed and included the signed CD and programme, along with a 2016 tour t-shirt, a pack of 3 festival style wristbands and a metal keyring! I was over the moon to find the other bits and bobs in there and think I got myself a bargain! The signed Wake Up CD was in great condition and all the signatures are easy to read! The programme (which I think was from their 2016 tour), was in good condition and was of great quality. I have a couple of other The Vamps programmes from other tours I've been to and they're all ways good quality and filled with all sorts of content! The cover of the book has four signatures with three in what looks like a ballpoint pen and one in a silver marker. The silver one looks VERY similar to the ballpoint one on James' face and none of them match Brad's signature so I'm not convinced that it was signed by all four members. I asked the seller and she wasn't sure which signature belonged to which band member so it will remain a mystery!

The tour t-shirt was also in great condition and I'm very happy with it! The wristbands and keyring were both still in their wrappers and I'm also happy to add them to my collection!

If you're ever on the hunt for something unique or hard to find, I'd recommend giving Depop a try. Not only are there plenty of items on there, I like the human aspect of it where you can easily communicate with other sellers. I'm over the moon with all the items in this bundle and definitely happy that I bought it! I'm not sure how used all the items were but they all looked in great condition when they arrived so I think they were pretty unused.

Thanks for reading!


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