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FF: Chainsmokers feat. 5SOS, Lewis Capaldi

Hellooo! It seems to be 5 Seconds of Summer week here on my blog! Last week 5 Seconds of Summer announced they were featuring on a new single being released by The Chainsmokers titled Who Do You Love. When I first read that they were collaborating on a single, I was VERY interested to hear how their two styles would blend together on one track. I have been a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer since I heard their debut single, She Looks So Perfect and have loved seeing the progression of the sound of the band over the years!

Who Do You Love sounds like a continuation of the tracks on 5 Seconds of Summer's latest album, Youngblood, but the influence of The Chainsmokers can still be heard without either artist overpowering each other. The vocals throughout the song sound controlled with riffs here and there, showing how 5 Seconds of Summer have grown and gained experience. I also like that Calum and Michael sing parts in the song along with Luke and although I'm not sure I heard Ashton, I'm sure he was involved in the backing vocals somewhere! I love the lyrics in the song and the fact that 5 Seconds of Summer wrote them with The Chainsmokers also shows how the song was a solid collaboration between the two artists.

I love the drop in the song and how it's not just an instrumental. I also like that although the song is definitely a more commercial, radio-friendly side of 5 Seconds of Summer, it hasn't lost their influence. It still sounds like a 5 Seconds of Summer song just with The Chainsmokers' production style mixed in. I also LOVE the lyrics video for the song and the way it was created! At first glance, it looks

like it was produced using computer software but it was actually all painted onto a wall! It's a more original take on a lyrics video and I can only imagine the amount of work that went into it!

Another song I've been enjoying listening to this week is Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi which is something a bit different to the usual Favourites Friday tracks! It's a slow ballad featuring just a piano backing Lewis Capaldi's vocals which is a format I normally struggle to enjoy listening to. However, in this case, Lewis' voice contains enough power to keep momentum throughout the song and it doesn't feel too slow which I love! I also love the poetic lyrics in the song and the balance between deeper melodies in the verses and powerful belts in the choruses. Overall, I really like this song and the stripped-back style of the song suits it perfectly! I also loved the video for Someone You Loved and the message behind it which was to raise awareness of how vital organ donation is. Although it's a heartbreaking video, it has a positive spin on an awful situation and I think it suits the song well.

Thanks for reading!


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