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Under £15 musicMagpie Haul

Hellooo! As much as I prefer to make purchases in high street stores rather than online, sometimes there's things you just can't buy on the high street because they're either discontinued or were never sold there in the first place. Last week I decided to make my first purchase on musicMagpie! I've never used the website before so I was intrigued as to how the shopping experience would be.

The main reason I began my mini spending spree was because I was on the hunt for Hey Violet's album From the Outside which I found on musicMagpie for £3.29. One thing I've noticed on the website is that there's only one available of some of the products such as this Hey Violet album, where I managed to grab the last one. This is definitely something to bear in mind when shopping on musicMagpie as if you hesitate on buying something, you might miss the last one! Also, delivery is free whether you buy one item or ten items so you don't have to worry about spending extra on postage which is a bonus! Anyways! I'd been after From the Outside for a while and was VERY happy to get it at such a bargain price. As with everything I purchased, this CD was listed as 'Used' however, From the Outside came with the wrapper still on so I'm not sure whether it really was used or not however, there is a crack along the bottom of the case on the front but it doesn't effect the CD inside so it's not a problem.

Next, I came across a box set which included the following three DVD's: Juno, Little Miss Sunshine and Waitress. I was drawn to it because I reeeeally want to see the musical Waitress which was based on the film Waitress which I haven't seen yet. The added bonus was that it was in a box set with Juno and Little Miss Sunshine which I also haven't seen and all for a steal at £1.99 or two for £3. Seeing as it was in the two for £3 deal, I had a browse through the other products in the deal and came across James Arthur's self-titled debut album. When the album was first released, I downloaded it but it always annoyed me that I didn't have it on a physical CD as I'm a bit (understatement) of a CD collector so I thought I'd grab it in the deal with the DVD set. Both of these were also listed as 'Used' but were both in great condition.

Following these, I grabbed a couple of books by Becca Fitzpatrick! I LOVE the Hush Hush Saga written by her and I've honestly lost track of how many times I've read them! I would definitely recommend them and I am SO EXCITED that the first book in the series, Hush Hush, is currently being made into a film! Along with the Hush Hush Saga, Becca Fitzpatrick has also written a couple of other books titled Black Ice and Dangerous Lies which I haven't read yet and decided to buy. I assumed they would both be paperback as it didn't specify but when they arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dangerous Lies was a hardback! Both books were £2.69 each and were in decent condition. Dangerous Lies was in great condition aside from the top of the spine on the jacket being slightly worn, whereas Black Ice was a bit more worse for wear with the back cover being a bit battered but still decent enough!

Finally, I discovered that musicMagpie sold a handful of signed items, one of which being Tanya Burrs' book, Tanya Bakes, for £3.29! The book arrived in perfect condition aside from a couple of marks where the previous owner had tried to remove the sticker on the front. It's a nice thick hardback book packed full with recipes and is actually signed by Tanya Burr which is why I was amazed at the price! I'm not sure where it originally came from as I read that there were some mistakes with the recipes in the original signed Amazon one's so I'm not sure if this was one of those or not but at £3.29 you can't go wrong!

The grand total for the above items came to £14.96 which is pretty good going for two CD's, a set of three DVD's, two books and a recipe book signed by the author! I'd definitely recommend ​checking out musicMagpie if you're looking for a particular product that's proving hard to find or isn't available in high street stores as they sell both used and new items. Also, the free delivery is an added bonus! Oh and one thing to point out is that my order was delivered in three bubblewrap envelopes rather than a big box. Also, items are shipped as they are picked from the warehouse meaning that one item may be posted and arrive before or after the others rather than them all being dispatched at once.

Thanks for reading!


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