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FF: From Bring Me The Horizon to Olly Murs

Hellooo! It's been a while! But it's 2019 and I'm hoping to have a more consistent blog this year! I previously had a series on my blog called 'Favourites Friday' which I thought I'd bring back for 2019. Favourite's Friday was where I basically talked about songs or albums I liked that week and this week a few songs in particular have stood out to me. Today's post is a bit of a mix with new singles from Olly Murs and Bring Me the Horizon (two artists I never expected to be including in the same article) along with a track from Bebe Rexha!

While flicking through the channels last week, I stumbled across the Teen Choice Awards in time to see Bebe Rexha's performance of her track I'm a Mess which I very much enjoyed! I later discovered I was VERY late to the game with the music video for the single having been released on 19th July 2018! I love the lyrics and the message behind the song and really like the accompanying video. I'm a Mess is catchy but holds a deeper meaning and I'm sure is relatable for a LOT of people!

I first heard Excuses by Olly Murs being played in a store I was in before hearing it on the radio a few days later and knew I had to look it up to give it a proper listen! The emotional track contrasts to his usual upbeat, foot-tapping singles and I love that he's decided to use a more vulnerable song as his next single. He's recently released a music video for Excuses which I really like however, it uses a shortened version of the song making it just over a minute shorter than the original lyrics video. I'm not sure why that choice was made as I definitely prefer the full version of the track though I assume the shorter version makes the song more suitable for radio. I like how the song is quite stripped back and LOVE the middle 8 and the fuller arrangement in the final chorus!

Finally, we have Bring Me The Horizon's latest single, medicine. A lot of the comments on the YouTube video are saying how it doesn't sound like a BMTH song as it's a different direction to how they used to sound. However, it fits in with tracks from more recent in the BMTH discography and I really like it! I like the guitar tone selections throughout the track, particularly in the short instrumental section just before the final chorus. Although the song is a lot more poppy compared with what their previous albums, the video and lyrics are still VERY BMTH. The video is unique, weird and creepy and in typical BMTH style by the end of it you're thinking, 'what am I watching here?' while the lyrics are aggressive while still poetic. medicine comes a few weeks before Bring Me The Horizon's upcoming album titled amo, released on the 25th January. The three tracks from the album that have been released so far (MANTRA, beautiful life and medicine) are all pretty different from each other so I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the album!

Thanks for reading!


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