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Shop My Stash: Rixton - Let The Road

Hellooo! Whoops, I'm a day late! Anyway, I've seen beauty gurus do 'shop my stash' videos where they go through their makeup and rediscover products they love or haven't tried yet so I thought I'd do a music edition! My aim is to make this series more relaxed than my usual reviews, with less structure so I can just speak my mind! This week I started listening to Rixton's debut album Let The Road again and although there are only ten tracks on the album, I love so many of them!

My favourite song from the album is Appreciated which is just amazing really. The lyrics are beautiful and I think everyone has times when they just need to hear someone say 'you are appreciated' and I love the line 'when you're down, be down, when you're out, be out' and I could talk about the lyrics all day to be honest. If you haven't heard Appreciated before, go and listen to it!

Wait On Me trades out the acoustic drums for a sample driven track that definitely doesn't lack bass! The song sounds huge and is so rich with sound but still retains clarity with nothing getting lost beneath the layers. Speakerphone opens with incredible harmonies as the vocals take centre stage before the rest of the production kicks in and is one of those songs that I imagine is full of audience participation live.

What's interesting about listening to albums you used to love is that you hear things you didn't hear before and find new meanings behind the music and maybe even like songs that you didn't like before. Whole is one of those songs that I don't remember liking all that much but I'm really liking the emotional ballad at the moment! Along with this, I don't really remember anything about Beautiful Excuses but now that I've listened to it again, I love it! It's a heartfelt ballad with amazing instrumentation and I love the ad-libs during the final chorus! I'll definitely be listening to Beautiful Excuses more!

On the other hand, I've always loved their debut single Me And My Broken Heart which reminds me of how my Mum always used to call them Brixton which became a running joke between us! I've also always loved Hotel Ceiling!

All those songs are amazing however, I don't really have much of an opinion on Let The Road, I Like Girls and We All Want The Same Thing I mean they're both good songs but they're not among my favourites from the album.

Let The Road is a beautiful album and my standout tracks are Appreciated, Wait On Me and Beautiful Excuses and it will be no surprise to know that Appreciated is my absolute favourite! The whole album is written amazingly and the I love the production behind it along with the instrumentation choices throughout every track. I would definitely recommend Let The Road.

Thanks for reading! Sophie

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