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FF: Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha and Ellie Goulding

Hellooo! The past couple of weeks I've had two songs playing over and over and those two are Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha's collaboration In The Name Of Love and Ellie Goulding's new track Still Falling For You. This Favourites Friday will be all about these two songs and their corresponding videos!

Firstly, I like that Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha chose to collaborate on a more balladic style for In The Name Of Love rather than a four-to-the-floor dance track because although I'm sure that would still be awesome, the slower tempo of this song helps it stand out against other sounds around at the moment along with Bebe's epic vocals! I like the synths in the drop and how they aren't too full on for the song. I really like the backing vocals throughout the song as the verses have less components and rely more on the fullness of the vocals. I love the lyrics and how the emotion shows through Bebe's incredible vocals. She reaches some impressive notes effortlessly.

With regards to the video, I think it's a real work of art! I love the red and blue colour scheme and the artistic shots that feature throughout the video. Bebe wears a dramatic red dress with red heels that stretch up above her knees and bright red lipstick creating a drastic contrast to her pale blonde hair. On the other hand, Martin wears a simple suit as they stand on diving boards over an exploding pool surrounded by storms. The video also features shots of Bebe in front of a green hedge helping her stand out in red against the emerald back drop which looks incredible. I really do like the use of colour in this video and how everything is so bright and vivid throughout. I particularly like the shots just before the first and second chorus where the camera shifts from left to right in time with the drum roll. I explained that terribly but if you watch the video below you'll see what I mean!

Next up is Still Falling For You from Ellie Goulding which features in the film Bridget Jones's Baby which I cannot wait to see! Ellie has a theme of featuring awesome songs in films and this one definitely does not disappoint! The rich piano and simple bass compliment each other perfectly in the chorus and although the piano just plays chords it sounds beautiful and I just really love the piano! The lyrics are again incredible and the song builds in such a powerful way. The snare crescendos in the second chorus add another layer of power to the song before the breakdown kicks in adding a modern twist to the uplifting track. The final chorus gathers all the energy the song has built up and puts it to perfect use with punchy drums, thick backing vocals and complimentary strings.

The video shows Ellie performing in front of lights, a black wall and a screen showing clips from Bridget Jones's Baby with more clips weaved into the main video. The feels! I'm such a fan of Bridget Jones! Anyways, Ellie looks like a force of nature in various black outfits and I think the video suits the song perfectly!

Thanks for reading! Sophie

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