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FF: Double Bieber

Hellooo! I will be the first to admit that in Justin Bieber's earlier days I was not a fan, but lately I've really been loving his music so in this week's Favourite's Friday I will be talking about Cold Water and Let Me Love You!

Firstly, I have been loving Cold Water by Major Lazer feat Justin Bieber and MO for quite some time! It is an upbeat, dancy track with plenty of harmonies and I love the catchy, summery style of the track. The song opens with a guitar a clean guitar riff behind Justin Bieber's vocals before the percussion comes in for the pre chorus. The chorus is full of harmonies between Justin and MO along with synth lines that you can't help but dance to. The middle 8 gives MO a chance to shine with her solo which has a Sia feel about it before the final chorus kicks in.

Let Me Love You is a collaboration with DJ Snake and is a lot like Cold Water; showcasing Justin's vocal range from the deeper first verse to the falsetto second verse. The lyrics are uplifting and match the upbeat tempo and style of the song. The chorus is catchy leading into the instrumental drop isn't too full on giving the song a more relaxed feel rather than a dancefloor rave kind of track. I like the contrast between the first and second verse and it's interesting that they chose to have one low and one high.

Overall, both tracks are awesome and you should definitely check them out! However don't blame me if they get stuck in your head for days and you annoy everyone by playing them on repeat... Thanks for reading! Sophie

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