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FF: Katy Perry, 5SOS and The Chainsmokers feat. Daya

Hellooo! For this week's Favourites Friday I have a triple whammy for you! Firstly, I LOVE Katy Perry's new track Rise! I've always been a fan of hers and Rise does not disappoint! The track is a real mid tempo anthem with thick bass and powerful vocals with no shortage of reverb to add depth and give them a fullness which suits the song perfectly. I love how the song builds up to the choruses and the trap-inspired hi hats in the choruses.

The lyrics make you want to stand up for what you believe in and go and do something productive with lines such as 'victory is in my veins'. The song really is fit for the Rio Olympics. I also like how the pronouns switch from first person to second person in the second pre chorus, adding to the motivational tone of the track.

My interpretation of the video is that the parachute represents the struggles in Katy Perry's life as she seems to be battling with it throughout the video. At one point, the parachute is all that keeps her from falling off a cliff showing that the struggles keep her alive. One shot that stands out to me is where she is pulling the parachute close as she shields herself from the rain suggesting that although the parachute has caused her so many problems, she still holds onto it as though it is part of her.

Next up is 5 Seconds Of Summer with their current single Girls Like Boys. I like that the lead singer switches throughout the verses as it gives them all a chance to shine! I've always thought that it's refreshing to find a band where every member sings; especially with 5SOS being a band band and not a boyband (you know what I mean). This track has a wide variety of styles mashed into one catchy production! From vintage guitar chords and falsettos to modern pop and chanting, this song has it all! I like how the 5SOS portions of the video are produced in a way that makes them look like a budget version of the new film when compared with the fancy new special effects in the Ghostbusters clips.

At the moment I've also been loving the collaboration between The Chainsmokers and Daya that resulted in Don't Let Me Down. I hadn't heard of Daya before hearing this track (I probably should have) but I will definitely be listening to some of her other stuff! Daya has a really unique voice that ranges from soft and graceful to rich and powerful. The song is super catchy and I love the clean guitar that opens the track and how the pitch drops in the pre chorus to allow Daya's vocals to shine. The drop is well chosen and works well with Daya's voice and I love her powerhouse lines towards the end of the track.

The video features a stand off between The Chainsmokers in a car and Daya and squad on foot. Before you know it, the car is bouncing, reaching crazy heights and Daya's crew have sprung into a dance routine. Daya looks incredible throughout and I love that she performs with enough passion to make it look like she's actually singing. One of my pet peeves is when it is obvious in videos that the artists aren't singing but that's a discussion for another day...

Thanks for reading! Sophie

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