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Fifth Harmony - 7/27 First Impressions Album Review

Hellooo! I've decided I'm going to start posting on Tuesdays and Fridays to add some structure to my blog! I've also decided to start a First Impressions series starting with today's first impressions review of Fifth Harmony's new album; 7/27.

The album opens with That's My Girl which is all about girl power and is perfect to open the album! My only issue is that some of the harmonies don't seem very well balanced but it's full of energy and is a powerful opener! Second on the album is Work From Home which I honestly really did not like the first time I heard it but now I love it! It's really grown on me and has been stuck in my head on many occasions and I love how the twinkly synths contrast with the deep bass. I really like track number three which is The Life which has a British feel and kind of reminds me of the Saturdays for some reason. Write On Me is track number 4 which I quite like and I love Lauren's vocals in the chorus before the whole group joins in.

Track number five is I Lied which I really like and particularly the drop (which is rare for me)! Write On Me was a bit more laid back than the album so far but I Lied brings the energy right back up. Sixth on the album is All In My Head (Flex) which is one of my favourite songs at the moment! I love how the chorus repeats at a lower pitch and I love the summer vibe that echoes the video perfectly. It has been stuck in my head for days and inspired me to write this first impressions review! Squeeze is track number seven which has a more intimate feel than what we've heard so far which I really like. I love the angelic falsetto in the chorus and the catchy lyrics and I also really like how Camilla joins in for the final chorus. Next on the album is Gonna Get Better; a hip hop style track which wouldn't be out of place in the nineties or noughties. It has an uplifting, catchy, summery vibe. Track number nine is Scared Of Happy which follows the same summery theme but with more of a modern twist with a dance feel. However to me, the drop feels out of place with the rest of the track but I'm sure others would love it.

Tenth on the album is Not That Kinda Girl with power that reminds me of the opening track. Both tracks feel full with many components and layers which I like. Eleventh on the album is Dope which has a laid back feel when compared to the high energy dance tracks on the album but is still catchy and full of harmonies. No Way is twelfth on the album and is the slowest track on the album with a balladic feel which I really love. It gives the girls chance to really sing without it being too upbeat. Last on the album is Worth It minus the rap which is another track that I wasn't much of a fan of when it was first released but now it's grown on me.

Overall the album has impressed me! I honestly expected to dislike it but I will definitely be listening to it some more! Although I have yet to listen to fifth harmonies first album, this one feels more grown up than their previous songs though I am partial to a bit of Sledgehammer! After the first listen, my standouts are That's My Girl, All In My Head (Flex) and Squeeze. I love that the women have different tones to their voices and they all blend beautifully together in their flawless harmonies. The album is full of upbeat, party tracks but also doesn't lack softer tracks that focus on their vocal abilities and I would definitely recommend this album!

Thanks for reading! Sophie

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