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FF: Lawson - Where My Love Goes

Hellooo! So this week Lawson have announced a whole bunch of things! It's like you wait hours for a bus and then three come at once. In this case, the three buses were the new album Perspective going on preorder today, the new single being released today and the new music video being released today! The new single was only announced on Wednesday and is called Where My Love Goes and has a VERY special video to go with it but more on that later!

Even though we only got to listen to the new single from midnight last night, obviously I had to write a Favourites Friday about it! And of course, it wouldn't be Lawson if they weren't running late or having technical difficulties but once everything was up and running, we could all preorder, download and watch to our hearts content!

Where My Love Goes is a catchy, mid tempo track with an acoustic feel. The song opens with a piano riff accompanied with an acoustic guitar riff before a stripped back version of the chorus kicks in. Following this, the verse begins, bringing with it a relaxed drum beat and a soft bassline. As the song builds, the drums grow with more work on the cymbals and as always, Andy's vocals finish the track perfectly. I'm sure I always say this but I love the middle 8 section of the song and Adam's drum skills are as awesome as ever. I love the laid back yet powerful style of the song that allows it to build throughout the duration of the song.

Onto the video! The video for Where My Love Goes tells the (real life) story of Andy asking his girlfriend for her hand in marriage! I told you it was special! The video opens with Andy explaining the concept of the video before they begin setting up and performing. Throughout the video, there are clips of the couple taken from their private time together along with Andy updating the viewer along the way. It is beautifully filmed in a room filled with empty seats and Joey (Andy's girlfriend) sat at the back taking pictures. As the middle 8 grows, Andy walks down to her and gets down on one knee but you'll have to watch the video to see what she says! Where My Love Goes is filled with trademark Joel Peat guitar faces meanwhile Ryan sits on Adam's drum platform with his bass.

Ever since I heard When She Was Mine on Lincs FM for the first time, Lawson have been my favourite band and this single does not disappoint! I can't wait to hear the album and hope that they will tour ASAP! As I write this, they are sat at number 38 in the charts so everyone go buy it and lets see how high we can get them!

Thanks for reading! As always you can check out Lawson's video and links below! Sophie

Lawson's Links

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