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Troye Sivan - Blue Neighbourhood Album Review

Hellooo! Last Christmas I received Troye Sivan's Album: Blue Neighbourhood. I never really gave it a chance at the time as after a couple of listens, I didn't think I was my kind of thing but I've been listening to it more lately and it's really grown on me!


  1. Wild

  2. Bite

  3. Fools

  4. Ease

  5. The Quiet

  6. DKLA

  7. Talk Me Down

  8. Cool

  9. Heaven

  10. Youth

  11. Lost Boy

  12. For Him.

  13. Suburbia

  14. Too Good

  15. Blue

  16. Wild (XXYYXX Remix)

First on the album is Wild which was the first song to be released as a single. I listened to this track SO much when it was first released as a single and I still love it. It sets the tone of the album with a chilled vibe and a catchy chorus. Wild was also the first song in the Blue Neighbourhood video trilogy. Second on the album is Bite which is one that I'm not sure about, it has a slow tempo with electronic, instrumental sections. Track number 3 is called Fools and was the second song in the Blue Neighbourhood video trilogy and fits well with Wild as it follows the chilled, catchy theme.

Ease is track number 4 and features Broods. The blend of two voices adds variation to the album and I really like this track though it's not one of my favourites. Fifth on the album is The Quiet which has a chorus that I love but I don't particularly like the production on the verses. Track number six is DKLA which isn't particularly a stand out for me. Talk Me Down is seventh on the album and was the third song in the Blue Neighbourhood video trilogy. I'm a huge fan of this song and it's definitely one of my favourites on the album. It has a balladic, longing feel with an almost eighties inspired bassline. Track number eight is Cool which isn't a stand out on the album for me but I still really like it.

Heaven is next on the album which wasn't particularly a stand out but grows on me each time I listen to it! I love the lyrics in the chorus, particularly the line 'without changing a piece of me, how do I get to heaven'. Track number 10 is Youth which is DEFINITELY one of my favourites. It's mid tempo and catchy and I LOVE the percussion. I also love the chorus, the drop, the middle 8, the whole song really!

Lost Boy is track number 11 which has really grown on me lately. It has a summer vibe, particularly in the drop, and is more upbeat than some of the other tracks on the album. For Him. is next on the album and I have to say it's not one of my favourites on the album though I do still like it. Track number 13 is Suburbia which I have also grown to like. I love the lyrics throughout the song and the violins featured give the track less of an electronic feel when compared with the rest of the album. It tells the story on looking back from where Troye originated and the people he knew.

Track number 14 on the album is Too Good which opens with a piano, hinting at the theme of the song. Too Good builds as the song progresses and I quite like it. Blue is track number 15 and isn't particularly a stand out for me however I like the relaxed, chilled feel. Finally, the XXYYXX Remix of Wild closes the album but personally I prefer the original.

Overall, it's not a style of music that I would normally choose to listen to but I'm definitely glad I did! It has a chilled out, electronic feel, vastly different to the high energy rock that I tend to prefer. My personal favourites from the album would have to be Youth and Wild but I also really like The Quiet, Talk Me Down and Fools. It took me a few listens of the album for it to grow on me but I would definitely recommend it if you're into that genre of music.

Thanks for reading! Sophie

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