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FF: Zedd Feat. Ke$ha - True Colors

Hellooo! It's been a while! And yes, I know it's Sunday but I've been busy lately and only just had chance to write this review! First things first, this song is so empowering, filled with dramatic percussion and huge vocals. I love the deep toms featured throughout and the chimes near the end sit in the song beautifully.

I've always loved Ke$ha's music but this song is completely different which is definitely not a bad thing. Her voice sounds so powerful compared to her older songs and you can feel her pain. For me, music is at its best when it makes you feel something and this song would make you feel so many things depending on your situation. Moving on from someone, proving someone wrong, revealing something to the world, the meanings behind this song are endless and I really love the lyrics.

When I first heard the song, I wasn't really a fan of the distortion on the vocals as I felt it covered the breathtaking vocals but I have now grown to like it. However, I still don't feel that the song needed it. On the whole, the song is moving and powerful which is everything a song should be.

As there isn't a video for the song yet, I'll leave the audio video for the song below.

Thanks for reading! Sophie

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