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Foxes - All I Need Album Review

Hellooo! A few weeks ago I grabbed a copy of Foxes' latest album All I Need and I thought I'd let you guys know what I thought of it!


  1. Rise Up (Intro)

  2. Better Love

  3. Body Talk

  4. Cruel

  5. If You Leave Me Now

  6. Amazing

  7. Devil Side

  8. Feet Don't Fail Me Now

  9. Wicked Love

  10. Scar

  11. Money

  12. On My Way

  13. Shoot Me Down

  14. Lose My Cool

  15. All I Need

  16. Rise Up (Reprise)

All I Need opens with Rise Up, setting the scene of the album with strings and a child's voice dreaming out loud. Better Love follows with powerful drums and thick backing vocals. Speaking of backing vocals, I spent the whole time thinking of how much it sounded like Bastille's front man Dan Smith. After some research I discovered that I was indeed correct! Next is the lead single from the album, Body Talk which is synth heaven but honestly, there are stronger songs on the album that could've been lead single contenders.

Cruel is next on the album and I love it! It stands out from the rest of the album as it is a different style but I'm not keen on the obnoxious hi hats. However, I love the bouncing beat and the track as a whole is infectious. Next up is If You Leave Me Now, one of my personal favourites on the album. The ballad shows off the strength behind Foxes' voice and the strings add texture to the song. Amazing is another single from the album and was also featured in an advert just before Christmas (linked below). It's feel good pop at it's best and fits the advert perfectly. Foxes' emotion shows through on Devil Side and I really like this ballad.

Track 8 is Feet Don't Fail Me Now and what a song it is! Probably my favourite on the album, Foxes reaches incredible notes effortlessly and the reverb on the vocals adds an almost vintage feel. I LOVE this song, especially the chorus! Wicked Love is another poppy track, driven by pianos, guitars and synths. I have to say I love the arpeggiated harp. Up next is another one of my favourites, Scar. It's an anthem for anyone who's ever been hurt and let's face it, who hasn't been hurt... With emotional vocals yet again, Foxes doesn't disappoint on this beautiful song and I can just picture a crowd swaying along at a concert.

Money is another great song and I think that having children singing towards the end was a symbolic choice. The final song on the regular version of the album is On My Way, another beautiful ballad, sang incredibly by Foxes.

The deluxe version of the album continues! Shoot Me Down is a high energy, dance track, a strong contrast to the previous song. Next is Lose My Cool, another all round catchy, high energy, feel good pop song. Second to last is All I Need which contains thick, atmospheric strings and leads into the final track, Rise Up (Reprise) perfectly. The intimate closing track shows off Foxes' range and I love the motivational feel of the song. It's another one of my favourites and brings the album to a strong conclusion, complete with a gong!

All in all, All I Need is an incredible album by an amazing singer and Foxes DEFINITELY deserves more credit. Her voice is sensational and the fact that she wrote/co wrote all the songs makes it even better! The ballads are heart felt and the dance songs are full of energy. There really is something for everyone! I highly recommend it and here are the links to everything if you want to pick up a copy! Foxes Official Store

Thanks for reading! Sophie

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