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FF: Against The Current - Wasteland

Hellooo! This morning Against The Current released a lyrics video for a new song off their forthcoming debut album, In Our Bones which is available on the 20th May! Wasteland is something completely different for Against The Current and as with Running With The Wild Things (check out my Favourites Friday for that here), it shows that they have moved up in the world.

Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Wasteland but there's just something about it that doesn't sit right. Chrissy's voice doesn't seem to have the edge that we've grown accustomed to. In a couple of ATC's recent cover videos she seems to be trying out a different singing style which sounds awesome on this song but it doesn't quite sound like Against The Current.

Chrissy sounds angelic and the harmonies in the choruses are incredible, the lead guitar (the one in the intro) is beautiful and the drums sound awesome. And then the distortion kicks in. And Against The Current are back. The middle 8 brings back the ATC that we know and love, energetic drums, rocky guitars and you can just picture Chrissy dancing around the stage. The final chorus combines all of this and sounds incredible and the power behind Chrissy's vocals returns. Although the final line ends with 'up' and there's a slight pop which is annoying the producer side of me but we shall move on from that!

All in all, Wasteland is incredible. Even if it is a bit different, I still love it and hey, it's ATC's debut album so of course they're going to play around with styles.

Here's the lyrics video so you can have a listen to this awesomeness! Sophie

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