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FF: The 1975 - The Sound

Hello! The song stuck in my head this week has been The Sound by The 1975! I've been a big fan of their previous songs. I love the grit in Matty's voice and the style of their music. This single is piano and synth driven with a huge chorus and a killer guitar solo towards the end.

The Sound is a catchy track with a chorus full of thick harmonies with a beat that's hard to stop your foot from tapping to. The guitar solo sent me reaching for my guitar to practice and I've spent the week singing the song to myself whilst going about my everyday life.

The video features a variety of pink elements, following the theme of the new album. The 1975 are seen performing in a glass box whilst being judged by various individuals looking into the glass box and talking to each other. Negative comments pop up onto the screen such as 'genuinely laughable' whilst the band continue to perform. Towards the end of the video, clips are shown of The 1975 outside the box with the people who were previously outside, now inside the box trying to get out before the video switches to black and white or the final few seconds, a shout to their earlier videos.

Here's the video so you can see for yourself!

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