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FF: The Vamps, The Faim and State Champs

Hellooo! I have a habit of listening to the same songs or albums on repeat and not trying new artists however, I have been trying to change that lately! Although a couple of the tracks featured in this week’s Favourites Friday aren’t particularly new, they are new to me and I have spent plenty of time listening to them this week!

The first of my favourites is from a band who are definitely not new to me, The Vamps! I have been a fan of them since they released their debut single Can We Dance and I have loved seeing their musical evolution over the years and their new track, Chemicals has another new sound for the band. I love the bass tone and melody and particularly in the chorus. The track features the familiar guitar and bass led instrumental but with an electronic twist. I love how there are so many layers in the instrumental but the drums aren’t lost in the mix. Initially, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the effects used on Brad’s vocals however, after a few listens, the style complemented the instrumental and didn’t mask Brad’s voice. The Vamps have said that Chemicals “shaped the sound of the album”, which makes me very excited to hear Cherry Blossom when it is released next month!

Now onto a few of my favourite songs from this week from artists who are new to me! I have been listening to a lot of The Faim this week and I think my favourite from them at the moment is Humans! I LOVE Josh Raven’s powerful voice and the passionate performance he gives, both in his vocals and in their music videos, with Humans being no exception. I love the story in the video and the performance shots of the band with a camera moving around them. I love the guitar throughout the song and particularly in the more stripped back middle eight. I also love the backing vocals in the chorus!

Our Time To Go from State Champs is another favourite of mine from this week and I LOVE the music video for this one! I love the story and the performances from the actors, along with the style of the performance shots of the band. The guitars give a more acoustic instrumental to the first verse, before the drums and the rest of the instrumental kick in for the chorus. I love the lyrics in Our Time To Go and the song as a whole!

Overall, what I have learnt over the last week or so is that I need to branch out more often because it definitely pays off! I don’t know why I always stick to what I know but I’m going to make more of an effort to listen to different artists. I can’t wait for The Vamps’ new album Cherry Blossom to be released and I am loving discovering more bands and artists to listen to. Let me know if there are any other amazing artists I haven’t yet discovered too!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!




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