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The Greatest Showman Vinyl Reviews

The Greatest Showman Vinyl

Hellooo! Last week I received an email from HMV saying that they had a 30% off selected vinyl albums so I thought I would have a browse! I found that The Greatest Showman and The Greatest Showman: Reimagined vinyl soundtracks were included in the offer, which I have been after for a while as I LOVE the film so I decided it was time to add them to my collection. However, by the time I went to check out, the Reimagined vinyl was out of stock! Luckily, I spent long enough debating if there was anything else I wanted to order that the Reimagined vinyl came back in stock!

The Greatest Showman vinyl was £17.99 full price and was reduced to £12.59 with the discount included and The Greatest Showman: Reimagined was £19.99 reduced to £13.99. As the order total came to over £20, I qualified for free delivery, which is always a bonus! As always with HMV, the records arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

The Greatest Showman vinyl is a black vinyl with The Greatest Showman logo printed in the centre of the vinyl on a black background. The vinyl is packaged in a white inner sleeve and also comes with an 8-page booklet. The booklet features images from the film, along with song lyrics, album credits and thank you's on the back of the booklet. Side 1 of the vinyl is recorded with the songs The Greatest Showman, A Million Dreams, A Million Dreams (Reprise), Come Alive, The Other Side and Never Enough. Side 2 of the vinyl is recorded with This Is Me, Rewrite The Stars, Tightrope, Never Enough (Reprise) and From Now On.

The Greatest Showman: Reimagined vinyl is also a black vinyl with the logo printed on the centre of the record however, rather than a black centre, the centre of the vinyl has artwork of a circus tent printed onto the background of the centre. The vinyl is encased in a white inner sleeve and also includes an 8 page booklet. The pages in the booklet that came with this vinyl are printed with beautiful artwork that inspired the film and I love it! The back page of the booklet features a paragraph from the director of The Greatest Showman, Michael Gracey, where he talks about how the Reimagined album was "made for the Greatest Showman fans".

I love the album artwork for both of these records and how the Reimagined artwork is a gold version of the blue The Greatest Showman album artwork. I also love the packaging of both of the vinyl records and particularly the artwork in the booklet that came with The Greatest Showman: Reimagined vinyl. It's amazing to see how the artwork came to life on screen in the film and I love the style of the artwork. I have also written a blog post all about the tracks on the Reimagined album which you can read here!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!


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