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The Greatest Showman Pop Vinyl Series

Hellooo! It's been a while again hasn't it! Around the time of Black Friday 2020, Zavvi had a sale where there was 50% off selected Funko products so I had a browse and was VERY excited by what I came across! I discovered that there was a range of The Greatest Showman Funko Pop vinyl figures (which I somehow knew nothing about) and three of them also happened to be in the 50% off sale and of course, I could not resist!

The first three that I bought from the range were all £10.99, with the 50% off sale taking them down to £5.49 each, which I thought was a bargain! The first of these three was the trapeze artist Anne Wheeler, who was played in the film by Zendaya. She is number 826 in the series and is wearing her signature candyfloss pink hair and purple costume. Anne also has a dusting of pink eyeshadow which perfectly matches the colour of her hair. The purple costume features sleeves and a metallic golden bronze trim, which also matches her metallic golden bronze boots. I really like her graceful pose and love the Funko Pop as a whole!

Number 827 in the series is the Bearded Lady, who was portrayed in the film by Keala Settle. The Bearded Lady has bolder pink eyeshadow than Anne Wheeler and also has more eyelashes. I love the full skirt on the purple dress and the pink and purple flowers in her hair. I also love her curly hair and her confident pose, as though she is mid-song.

The final Zavvi bargain was Phillip Carlyle, who is number 828 and was played by Zac Efron in The Greatest Showman. Phillip is wearing his top hat and has his ringmaster cane stood in front of him. I love the metallic gold accents on the front of his red jacket which also feature on the cuffs of his sleeves. I also love that his shoes have a shiny finish to them.

Once I had three out of the four Funko Pop vinyl figures in the series, I knew I had to get the last one! I had a browse and found the final one for £11.99 on Amazon which was number 825 and is *drumroll please* P.T. Barnum! We couldn't have a Funko Pop vinyl series from The Greatest Showman without P.T. Barnum now, could we! P.T. Barnum has his top hat in one hand and his cane in the other and his red top and jacket feature gold accents, which is also featured on the top of his cane. I also love that his boots have a shiny finish which matches Phillip Carlyle's shiny shoes.

Overall, I love this series and they all have a perfect likeness to the characters in the film. I love the metallic details on the Funko Pop vinyl figures and the accessories they all have.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!




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