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TBT: The Greatest Showman: Reimagined Album Review

Hellooo! I LOVE The Greatest Showman film and when The Greatest Showman: Reimagined album was released way back in November 2018, I was VERY excited! This is another blog post that was half-finished in my drafts but I have finally finished it off!

The first track on the album is The Greatest Show, one of my favourites from the film! I love the original version of the song so was interested to hear how Panic! At The Disco would adapt the song for their cover. The band definitely did not disappoint and Brendan Urie's voice sounds incredible and suits the song perfectly. A Million Dreams is the second song on the album and I LOVE P!nk's interpretation of the song! The harmonies throughout the song but particularly during the chorus are incredible and I LOVE the lead up to the last chorus. It's definitely different to the original version but I love what P!nk has decided to do with the song! Track number 3 is A Million Dreams (Reprise), sung by Willow Sage Hart and I love that they chose P!nk's daughter to sing this song as it matches the dynamics in the film.

I love the bass in Years & Years and Jess Glynne's version of Come Alive, along with the middle 8 and the build up to the final chorus. Olly Alexander and Jess Glynne's voices sound great together and suit this version of the track. The fifth track on the album is The Other Side, performed by MAX and Ty Dolla $ign. This version of the song is pretty similar to the original, with MAX and Ty Dolla $ign's voices suiting the song well. I LOVE Kelly Clarkson's rendition of Never Enough which is listed as track six on the Reimagined album. I love the way Kelly Clarkson performs the dynamics in the song and how she portrays the emotion in the song. The instrumentation behind the song is poppier than the original, which suits Kelly Clarkson's voice.

Next on the tracklist is Keala Settle, Kesha and Missy Elliott's version of This Is Me, which is also labelled as the Reimagined Remix. I love Kesha's vocals on this version of the track! Rewrite The Stars is the eighth song on the Reimagined album, sung by James Arthur and Anne-Marie. I LOVE the original version of this song and I really want to love this version but I struggle with the heavy-handed autotune used on James in the chorus, which I don't think was necessary. Having said that, James Arthur and Anne-Marie's voices work well together and I like the pop twist on the song.

I love Sara Bareilles' voice however, Tightrope isn't one of my favourites on the Reimagined album. I'm not sure about the way the vocals are layered throughout the song and although I was excited to hear that Sara Bareilles was going to be featured on the album, this one's not for me.

Track ten on the Reimagined album is From Now On, performed by Zac Brown Band and I love how they've adapted the song to suit their style! The country spin on the song suits From Now On well and I really like it! The eleventh track on the album is a bonus track from Pentatonix, which is a cover of The Greatest Show! As always, their harmonies sound incredible on this version of the song!

Craig David's cover of Come Alive is another bonus track on the album and I really love the instrumental on this version of the song! As with the earlier version of This Is Me on the Reimagined album, I love Kesha's vocals and I love that she also recorded a solo cover of the song, which is the last track on the album. You can hear the emotion she put into her performance and I just love it!

Overall, I love the concept for this album and all the different versions of the songs included on this album. I think my favourite song on the album is probably the Panic! At The Disco cover of The Greatest Show!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!


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