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TBT: Six The Musical UK Tour (Manchester) Review

Hellooo! After wanting to see the show ever since it first appeared in the world of theatre, I FINALLY managed to see Six The Musical on the 14th December at the Quays Theatre within The Lowry in Salford! We attended the 5pm performance and I loved it even more than I thought I would! The show and cast were incredible, the staff at the theatre were lovely and the whole experience was amazing! The tickets were £39.50 and I was sat in seat E9 in the stalls (which was very comfy for a theatre seat) and the view was perfect!

I knew a decent amount about the show and knew the group songs (check out my blog post about Megasix here!) but not the individual queens' songs, if that makes sense! I liked that the staff who were checking tickets on the way in explained the format to everyone entering the theatre, as the 80 minutes, no interval show with the ability to film the last song makes it a bit different to other shows! The theatre itself had a purple theme which perfectly suited the show! I also bought a programme for £5, a t-shirt for £18 and a badge for £3!

I loved everything about the show, from the harpsichord music before the show to the confetti drop at the end of the show! The costumes were beautiful and were enhanced by the lights, which I also loved! The lighting on the backdrop to the show had so many different lighting functions throughout the show and I particularly liked the Tinder-style swipe left and right section! I loved all the music throughout the show and wasn't expecting to be brought to tears by Jane Seymour's Heart of Stone! The styles of all the songs were different, yet they sounded cohesive as a soundtrack and I found myself with them all stuck in my head at some point following the show! Haus of Holbein was a bit of a shock to the system following Heart of Stone but at the same time it kind of worked! I also found it interesting how the meaning of some of the songs changed as the songs progressed, such as Anne Boleyn's Don't Lose Your Head and Katherine Howard's All You Wanna Do starting out as quite playful but changing to a more serious tone towards the end. I also LOVED the choreography throughout the production and the fact that the band were on stage as part of the show!

Onto the cast! For our show, the cast was Cassandra Lee understudying as Catherine of Aragon, Maddison Bulleyment as Anne Boleyn, Lauren Byrne as Jane Seymour, Jennifer Caldwell understudying as Anna of Cleves for the first time, Jodie Steele as Katherine Howard and Harriet Watson understudying as Catherine Parr! Where do I start! The whole cast were amazing and I loved all their performances, both individually and as a group. I LOVED Maddison Bulleyment as Anne Boleyn and how she portrayed the role and Lauren Byrne's performance of Heart of Stone was heartbreaking! I had previously seen Jodie Steele in Rock Of Ages so was excited to see her performances as Katherine Howard and she definitely did not disappoint! I was intrigued to see if we had any understudies on and I was very excited to see Jennifer Caldwell in her Anna of Cleves debut! I loved her northern twist on the role and she was very comfortable in the role! Cassandra Lee and Harriet Watson were both also incredible as Catherine of Aragon and Catherine Parr! The queens' voices were all amazing and I loved their portrayals of their characters! Oh and I liked that they had a cast sheet at the programme desk though I think they could've done with one displayed as you went into the theatre itself.

I loved the whitty script and the comedic timing from the cast and their delivery of the lines was perfect. The whole show was even more amazing than I thought it would be! Oh and Megasix was AMAZING! I love that they encourage the audience to take pictures and videos during the final song and how they get everyone up on their feet! The script in between the songs flowed in and out of the music perfectly and I loved the introduction for Anne Boleyn! The atmosphere was incredible with the audience cheering and laughing throughout the show and the overall concert style of the musical! Everything was so well thought out from the costumes to the staging and it was just amazing! Can you tell that I enjoyed it? I would highly recommend it!

Thanks for reading!


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