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TBT/Limited Edition: 5 Seconds of Summer Teeth Bundle

Hellooo! At the end of August last year, 5 Seconds of Summer announced that they had limited edition versions available to pre-order for their single Teeth and of course, I had to buy some! I went for a CD single for $6.70, a cassette for $4.70 and a 7" LP for $10.70. The CD and vinyl also said that they came with a "special 24 page liner notes in package" and I was interested to find out what exactly that meant! As the order was coming from the USA store (the items weren't available on the UK store), there was a shipping and handling fee of $13.18, bringing the grand total to $35.28 which was around £29.00 including postage.

At the time I ordered, the dispatch date was expected to be the 15th November however, the order actually shipped on the 13th November and arrived on the 22nd November, which I was pretty happy with! The order arrived with a slightly damaged corner but everything inside was in good condition. I'm not sure why the items weren't available to order from the UK store, but I was glad to be able to order them from the USA store.

The tracklist for all three formats is the studio version of Teeth as track 1 and Teeth (Live From The Vault) as track 2. I love that 5 Seconds of Summer chose to release this single in a similar to how they released Easier and I love the Live From The Vault versions of both songs. My order included two copies of the art booklet and I think it would've been better if they had bundles of all three formats to order, meaning that you would only receive one booklet rather than having a duplicate but I guess now I have a spare! The CD itself was held within a cardboard sleeve and the 7" LP included a white inner sleeve inside the main cardboard sleeve. I loved the Easier Flexidisc and I kind of with the Teeth vinyl was yellow to continue the coloured theme of the releases however, I'm still happy with the black version and I like the yellow centre!

The cassette continues the yellow theme with the tape itself being yellow with the greyscale and yellow Teeth cover on the cassette cover. The 24 page liner notes booklet is similar to the Easier art booklet, with a mix of artistic images, along with lyrics from Teeth. I like that they have chosen to create another booklet as it pulls the range of formats together and completes the branding for the single.

Overall, the various formats of Teeth are perfect additions to my collections and I love that 5 Seconds of Summer continue to release unique versions of their singles. The physical releases of 5 Seconds of Summer singles always feel as though a lot of work has been put into them to ensure the collection is cohesive across formats. I am also VERY excited for their upcoming album, CALM!

Thank you for reading!


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