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Papergang September Box Review

Hellooo! This one’s something a bit different for round here! In August, Ohh Deer’s Papergang announced that the September edition of their monthly stationery subscription box would be space themed! I love space and I loved the design of this month’s box, which was designed by Jack Carter, who is part of the Papergang team. The boxes are £14, including postage however, Papergang had an offer where the first box was £7, so I grabbed one!

The box itself is printed with this month’s space design, with the contents wrapped in orange tissue paper, matching the orange interior of the box. Underneath the wrapped contents was a sheet of wrapping paper with the same print as the box. The high quality wrapping paper is printed with various different planets, spaceships, spacemen and aliens! The paper also features the Ohh Deer logo in the bottom left and states that the artwork was by Jack Carter and also states that it was printed in the UK on recycled paper, which I love! Also under the main contents was a gold pin, featuring a spaceman on a black background, which was displayed on a black backing card with stars on it. The reverse of the card features the Ohh Deer logo and credits Jack Carter for the artwork.

Inside the orange tissue wrapped package was the rest of the contents of the box! First on the stack of goodies was a booklet explaining the contents of the box, along with an interview with the artist, Jack Carter, and a step-by-step tutorial for making a pin banner. This booklet was a great addition to the box and I love that they chose to include an interview with the artist behind the box. Next was a set of four sticker sheets, featuring stickers of planets of various sizes and I love the matte finish to the stickers. I also love how the sticker sheets look like pieces of artwork as a whole, rather than stickers placed on a plain background.

The box also included two cards, with the first featuring a planet landscape and multicoloured planets in the background, which says “Have an out of this world Birthday”. The second has the phrase “Love you to the moon and back” written around a moon and features shooting stars in the background. I love that each of these has a unique element, with the birthday card featuring embossing on some planets, giving them a 3D look and the moon card features a silver foil print on the writing and stars. Both of these cards feature Jack Carter’s name and image on the back, along with the Ohh Deer logo and a short bio about the artist. They also come with plain brown envelopes, with the Ohh Deer logo subtly embossed into the reverse.

A fluorescent pink monthly planner page was also included in the box, with white stars and shooting stars in the background. The final item in the box was a hardback notebook with a fabric coating to the exterior. The notebook features a similar print to the moon card, with silver stars and shooting stars scattered across a dark background with purple hues. The spine of the notebook features the Ohh Deer logo and the back of the notebook also features this logo in the centre of the bottom of the book, below a moon and spaceman. The pages are filled with pinky purple gridlines, along with shooting stars on the top left and bottom right, framing the double page spreads. The first page in the notebook includes boxes to write the owner’s name, phone number and email address. Finally, the book is completed with a fluorescent green ribbon bookmark.

Overall, I’m over the moon (get it!) with my purchase and I love all the products in the box, particularly the notebook! I love the colourful planet designs, along with the more subtle, silvery designs. I also love that the box is filled with credits to the artist, Jack Carter and that for every 4 boxes sold, they plant a tree!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!


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