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Little Mix - Confetti RSD 2021 Vinyl Review

Little Mix Confetti Record Store Day Pink//Orange Vinyl RSD 2021

Hellooo! 12th June 2021 marked part 1 of Record Store Day 2021, with the first batch of limited edition vinyl records being released into independent record stores up and down the UK. I had my eye on the Confetti vinyl from Little Mix and once the remaining stock from Banquet Records had been added to their website in the evening, I decided to order myself a copy!

The Record Store Day website advertised the Confetti vinyl as a "New 'glitter' sleeve, orange and pink coloured LP Vinyl" and it was priced at £28.99 on the Banquet Records website, plus £2 postage. The vinyl arrived on the 17th June in perfect condition and I am very happy to be adding this one to my collection! The record also came with a note from Banquet Records that said on Record Store Day, they "receive about six weeks' worth of orders in one night", which is pretty incredible and highlights the impact Record Store Day has on independent record shops.

Little Mix Confetti Record Store Day Pink//Orange Vinyl RSD 2021

The Confetti LP is advertised as being orange/pink but I would say in person, it is more of a glowing neon pink colour than it shows in pictures and I love the shade of the vinyl! The record is encased in a printed inner sleeve, which has the original album artwork on one side and the album credits and thank you's on the reverse. This is then presented in a bright orange and pink outer sleeve, with the album title printed on the cover with a glittery finish. The reverse of the cardboard outer sleeve is printed with the album tracklist and I love the branding for this album, which looks very clean and polished.

Little Mix Confetti Record Store Day Pink//Orange Vinyl RSD 2021

The Confetti vinyl is recorded with the 13 tracks that were featured on the original Confetti album however, this release also features an additional track. The 14th track on the album is the single version of Confetti, which features Saweetie and I like that they chose to add this as an additional track and keep the original version of Confetti on the LP. Confetti is Little Mix's sixth studio album and features the singles Break Up Song, Holiday, Confetti, and the band's fifth number 1 single, Sweet Melody. The Confetti album pulls from pop and R&B influences, with some tracks reminiscent of nineties girl band tracks. Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Perrie's voices sound as strong as ever and their harmonies sound incredible throughout the album. My stand out songs on the album are the empowering Gloves Up, the catchy If You Want My Love and Rendezvous, which samples the track Sway. I also love the singles Sweet Melody and Confetti and I could go on to list all the songs on the album!

Little Mix Confetti Record Store Day Pink//Orange Vinyl RSD 2021

I love the Confetti album as a whole and love the Record Store Day release of the album on vinyl. The vinyl record is a beautiful colour and the album itself is filled with catchy tracks with incredible vocals. I also really like that not only is the vinyl record a limited edition colour, it is also housed in a sleeve with new album artwork.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!


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