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Lady Gaga - Chromatica Signed Bundle Review

Hellooo! Back on the 14th June, I ordered one of the Chromatica bundles from Lady Gaga’s online store! It took me a while to decide on which bundle to go for but I settled on one including a CD, cassette, vinyl picture disc and signed art card for £36.45, including postage.

The bundle arrived on the 20th June and I was very excited to open the package! I love the colour scheme of the album and particularly the design of the album cover! The signed art card features the album cover, with a signature in silver pen.

The cassette tape was labelled as a UK Exclusive and I love the green cassette and the pink print on the tape, which contrasts with the background colour and ties it in with the other branding for the album. I found it interesting that the vinyl, cassette and insert include “The Sixth Album by Lady Gaga” and “LG-6” on the branding. The vinyl picture disc features an image of Lady Gaga on each side, with a white background. The 12” vinyl came in a clear sleeve, featuring a branded sticker, with the "i" in Chromatica missing!

On the surface, Chromatica is a solid pop album filled with catchy tracks that would be at home on a dancefloor but once you listen to the lyrics, there are a whole range of themes and meanings in the songs throughout Chromatica. I have found that I have gained something different from the album each time I have listened to it and I love it! Sine From Above was my immediate favourite from the album after the first listen and I love the melody at the end of Chromatica III which leads into Sine From Above perfectly! It reminds me of a melody leading into a new scene in a musical! I don’t tend to be a massive fan of album interludes however, the Chromatica orchestral interludes work perfectly against the other tracks on the album and I love how they divide Chromatica into acts or sections. Elton John’s voice sounds incredible against Lady Gaga’s in Sine From Above and I love the meaning of the song and how it links to the sine wave on the Chromatica logo. If there was one song on the album that summed up the album as a whole, it would be Sine From Above!

I also love the second track on the album, Alice and I love Lady Gaga’s vocals in the chorus! At the moment, my other favourites on the Chromatica album are 911, Plastic Doll and 1000 Doves however, there isn’t one skippable track on Chromatica! I also love the collaborations with Ariana Grande and Blackpink! I LOVE Rain On Me and listened to it SO MUCH when it was first released! Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande sound amazing together and I also love the music video for Rain On Me!

Overall, I love the Chromatica album and the bundle I purchased! You could listen to the Chromatica in any mood and take a different experience from it and I love that about the album! Chromatica also shows off Lady Gaga's incredible vocal range, along with a variety of vocal styles. I love that there are so many hidden meanings in both the album itself and the album artwork and branding. There's plenty of theories to dig into and hidden messages to uncover. While the album as a whole is upbeat and catchy, the lyrics in each of the songs tell their own powerful stories and I love the lyrics!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!


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