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FF: The Vamps and Zara Larsson

Hellooo! It's been a while, hasn't it! I’m back with a Favourites Friday… on a Saturday! I’m thinking that I may need to rename this series… Anyway, this one features the new single from one of my favourite artists, The Vamps, along with Zara Larsson’s latest single!

All week, The Vamps have been teasing a new release, which led to them announcing their new single and an upcoming album! They are back with their new single Married In Vegas, which was released yesterday ahead of their fifth album Cherry Blossom, which is due to be released in October! From the first listen of Married In Vegas, I knew I was going to love it! The song is full of energy and I imagine it would be a perfect fit for a live tour, whenever that can happen! I love the combination of the piano and guitar and I love the tone of the bass throughout the song. Married In Vegas is SO catchy and I love the lyrics and the overall style of the song. Tristan’s drums punch through the layers of instruments perfectly and I love the overall production of the song. Brad’s voice sounds so strong and his vocals sound amazing against the instrumental provided by James, Connor and Tristan!

The video for Married In Vegas is showered in gold, which contrasts well against the black clothing and instruments scattered throughout the video. I particularly love the shots of gold glitter on Tristan’s cymbals! The video is full of energy, which perfectly matches the song and I love it!

Onto Zara Larsson’s new single! Love Me Land opens with layers of atmospheric vocals before the beat kicks in. I love the contrast in the verses between the reverb on the start of the lines and the more reserved vocal effects on the second half of the lines. I love the way the chorus builds and repeats the atmospheric vocals from the introduction in the background, making them almost sound like an instrument. Zara’s vocals sound effortless and the instrumental behind her vocals compliments her voice perfectly.

The music video for Love Me Land features Zara dancing in the middle of a dark space and I love how her outfit contrasts the background. I also LOVED watching the behind the scenes video, which shows Zara in rehearsals and the filming of the video. Zara Larsson also recently performed a live version of Love Me Land for Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer and I LOVED her performance! Her vocals sounded incredible and I loved the setting of the video, which completely contrasted the environment in the music video.

It’s definitely been a strange few months and I’m going to try and get back into posting on here, although sadly, it doesn’t look like there’ll be any theatre or live music content for a while. Music has definitely been something I’m sure a lot of people have relied on during the pandemic and I’m hoping the arts industry as a whole manages to come out the other side in one piece. I might do a post or two about what I’ve been listening to over the past few months, we’ll see!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!


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