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FF: Lawson Are Back!

Hellooo! Today we have a Favourites Friday... on a Saturday! I just couldn't let this one wait a week before being posted! I am a HUGE fan of the band Lawson and so I was VERY excited when they announced that they would be releasing a new single for the first time in four years!

On the 5th April, Lawson took everyone by surprise and posted a picture on Instagram advertising Joel Peat's Peat-a-Bread (I love a good pun), which was then followed up a few days later by a mockumentary titled Lawson - Where Are They Now? which was just the best comeback announcement! The video shows what the four guys have been up to since the band went on hiatus and I love it! The comedy throughout the video is spot on and I love the production of it!

Now onto the new single itself! First of all, Lovers is SO catchy! I love the positive lyrics, which I think we could all do with right now! For some reason, the synthy piano in the intro and first verse sounds very Lawson to me and I love the transition into the chorus. The processed backing vocals in the chorus work well with Andy Brown's voice and aren't overpowering and I love the drums throughout the song! I love that Lovers still sounds like the Lawson we know and love but at the same time still sounds different, if that makes sense? The more electronic sound of Lovers still retains the Lawson sound from previous albums and is definitely a strong choice for a comeback track!

I also LOVE the video for Lovers! The video was shot and directed by Adam Pitts, the drummer in Lawson, and I love the use of projections throughout the video. The varying styles of clips shown work well as a whole, including lyrics, scenic clips and more abstract images. I also really like how the Lawson band members are stood in line with each other and how the projections are split at times, highlighting the different band members. Also, I loved seeing Ryan Fletcher taking on the keyboard as well as his usual bass guitar! The projections also link the performance shots with the storyline, bringing the whole video together! The video also lends itself to a very strong media campaign and I love the content they have been putting out! Oh and it makes me VERY happy that Lawson stuck with their old logo!

All in all, it's great to see Lawson back! I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been waiting for this and it seems like the perfect time for them to return! I LOVE Lovers and seeing how the band members have progressed since their last single, with Andy's voice being stronger than ever, Ryan switching effortlessly from bass to keyboard, Adam doing an incredible job with the videography and Joel still killing it on the guitar! I can't wait to see what's next for Lawson!

Thanks for reading! Stay safe and stay home!


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