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DIY Wicked Elphaba Funko Pop Vinyl

Hellooo! After I finished my custom Glinda Funko Pop! Vinyl figure, I began working on a friend for her! When I bought the Betty Draper Funko Pop! which I used for Glinda, I also bought a WWE Trish Stratus Funko Pop! which I thought would make a perfect Elphaba! This was another figure that was in the Zavvi 70% off sale and was reduced from £10.99 to £3.29, which was a bargain!

Trish Stratus Funko Pop Vinyl

The Trish Stratus Funko Pop! vinyl has long curly hair and is posed with one arm pointing forward and the other arm in a fist, which I thought could be remodeled into Elphaba during Defying Gravity! I could see her pointing her left arm singing "so if you care to find me, look to the western sky"! Trish's outfit is very streamlined which also meant it would be easy to add a new costume on top of her existing clothes.

I began by attempting to remove some of the paint from the vinyl figure using nail varnish remover but I ended up deciding to leave it as I would be covering it up anyway. Using the Hobbycraft White Superlight Air Dry Clay again, I added a dress to the vinyl figure along with a satchel. I also added a broomstick to her hand that was in a fist, gluing each half of the broomstick to her hand. Finally, I added Elphaba's signature pointed hat, with the brim turned up to one side and with a slight wave to the other side and I was really happy with how it turned out.

Custom Funko Pop Vinyl of Elphaba from Wicked the Musical in progress

Next, rather than painting the figure white as I did with Glinda, I went straight in with the final paint colours. I painted Elphaba's dress, bag, hair and shoes black and her face and hands green. For Elphaba's hat, I mixed a metallic silver paint with black to give it a metallic black finish and I was planning to paint a black pattern on top, similar to the crocodile print finish to Elphaba's hat in the musical however, I couldn't get it right so I decided to leave it as a solid colour. I'm not sure if I'm completely happy with the hat so I may paint over it at some point. Next, I painted the broomstick handle brown and bristles a straw colour, along with a green band around the joint to match the broomstick in the musical. Finally, I painted Elphaba's eyes and eyebrows black, including black eyelashes. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the finished painted figure! I completed the vinyl figure by adding two coats of matte Mod Podge to seal the paint with a mattified finish.

I'm very happy with my finished Elphaba Funko Pop! vinyl figure! She came with a clear plastic base to stand her on however, Elphaba doesn't need it as she balances fine on her own so I used it for my Glinda vinyl figure. I love all the different aspects of making custom vinyl figures and I'm looking forward to working on the next two Wicked custom Funko Pop! vinyl figures I have lined up!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!




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