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Chrissy Costanza Rock Sound Bundle Review

Chrissy Costanza T-Shirt and Magazine

Hellooo! Way back in May last year, Rock Sound magazine released a collaboration with Against The Current’s frontwoman Chrissy Costanza in the form of a deluxe magazine and exclusive t-shirt bundle! The bundle was £24.99 and is still available on the Rock Sound online store. This post has been sitting almost-finished in my drafts for quite a while now so I thought it was about time I finished it off and let it see the light of day!

I was VERY excited when Rock Sound announced that they would be releasing the first in their My Story series, which was labeled as a series of one-off magazines, paired with exclusive merchandise which in this case, was a t-shirt. The magazine was advertised as being Chrissy Costanza’s story in her own words and would be the “biggest, most extensive interview about her life and career to date”. The mini-magazine was labeled as a deluxe A5 magazine with the title Chrissy Costanza: My Story with 36 pages. This magazine was paired with an exclusive “CC” t-shirt design, which was available in a variety of men's and women's sizes.

The A5 magazine is a similar design and style to the newer Rock Sound magazines. I think I talked about it in my last Rock Sound related blog post but I love the new design of the Rock Sound magazines! I love the more minimalist magazine covers and the focus on the featured artists. I also love how they are featuring more and more limited edition and exclusive bundles to go with the magazines!

The interview featured in the magazine is in a question and answer style, rather than the answers weaved into an article among the author’s writing. This style suits this particular interview perfectly as it puts the focus on Chrissy’s responses and allows her to tell her story. The magazine features images from a photoshoot undertaken over Facetime while Chrissy was self-isolating at home, which you definitely wouldn’t realise! The photos are mostly black and white, with the occasional colour image. I love how even with the ongoing current situation, Rock Sound and Chrissy Costanza were able to complete the in-depth interview. Included in the interview is everything from Chrissy’s childhood to the growth of Against The Current over the past few years. Chrissy talks openly and honestly about her life so far and how Against The Current found their place in the industry.

Chrissy Costanza T-Shirt and Magazine

The world exclusive t-shirt design is printed onto a white t-shirt and features a pair of eyes with a tiny heart and “CC” printed just below the right eye. I like that it’s a more understated piece of merchandise as it doesn’t have Against The Current, Chrissy Costanza or Rock Sound printed on it. I also love that this design is unique to Rock Sound and it can’t be found or purchased anywhere else.

Overall, I love the design of the 36-page magazine and the in-depth interview contained within the book. The photographs in the magazine compliment the personal interview which as a whole, gives a unique and exclusive insight into Chrissy’s life and history. This magazine paired with the exclusive t-shirt design make a perfect limited edition set and I love them!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!



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