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BTDT Showlogue Theatre Scratch Off Poster Review

Hellooo! In November I discovered the Been There Done That website with their range of scratch-off posters. I had been on the hunt for a theatre/musical themed scratch-off poster and found their Showlogue poster, titled 100 Greatest Musicals Bucket List Scratch Poster! I ordered my bestie one for her Birthday as she is also stagey and I couldn't resist buying myself one too! Although they were from the USA, the posters arrived quickly and were in perfect condition and I was very excited to open mine!

The full price for a single Showlogue poster is $49.90 however every time I have been on their website they have had a sale/discount/multibuy discount. They also had free delivery when I ordered mine which was a very nice bonus! Been There Done That also have a range of other posters including 100 Greatest Rock Albums, 100 Incredible Cities and 100 Epic Reads so there's definitely something for everyone. I love that the posters are pieces of artwork as well as interactive bucket lists and I couldn't find a theatre themed bucket list poster anywhere else on the internet so I was very happy to come across this one!

The 16.8" x 25.2" poster was packaged in a hard tube printed with "Been There Done That" and "Showlogue" along with images of the show posters featured on the poster itself. Within the tube, the poster was encased in a protective sheet and rolled up, along with a sheet of stickers. The sticker sheet has 100 star rating stickers, along with extras labelled "back up". Next to these star stickers are numbered stickers so that you can label your top 10 shows and below these are "Main Award" stickers, such as Best Show, Best Costume and Best Stage Design. The last section of this sheet is labelled "Genre Awards" and features stickers such as Best Juke Box, Best Revival and Best Film Adaptation. The tube also includes an instruction booklet and a branded yellow and red pick for scratching off the poster. The idea is that once you have seen a show, you can scratch it off the poster and stick a star rating sticker on and highlight how many stars you give it out of the 5 stars on the sticker. Next, you can add a top 10 sticker or an award sticker if you really loved the show!

Onto the poster itself! The poster is printed with 100 musical posters, each covered with a layer of gold foil which is printed with the show's logo. Along the left side of the poster is the Been There Done That poster and the title 100 Greatest Shows Of All Time. The right-hand side of the poster is printed with the Been There Done That website address and social media handles. The poster features classic musicals such as My Fair Lady and Carousel all the way through to modern shows including Dear Evan Hansen and Waitress.

I love the gold foiling on the poster and how the black logos contrast against the background and I LOVE the artwork beneath the foil. The almost cartoonified musical posters are printed in bold colours and I love the style of the artwork. I've managed to scratch off 15 shows so far, leaving 85 left to see which will definitely keep me busy! However, as the poster is from an American brand, there are some shows on the poster I haven't heard of and some that have been on Broadway but haven't made it over to the UK just yet but I'm hoping one day I'll be able to scratch all of them off! Overall, I love the poster and I'm hoping it won't be too long until I can start scratching some more shows off again!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!




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