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Blackpink: The Album – Version 3 Boxset Review

Hellooo! Now it is time for the third and final instalment of my reviews of the Blackpink debut album boxsets! I purchased a bundle of three versions of The Album from Blackpink for £30 plus postage, which also included a signed album booklet! However, I’m going to have to wait for the booklet as that is being sent out at a later date. I have already uploaded posts about the Version 1 and Version 2 boxsets so this one will be centred around Version 3 and the album itself!

This version of The Album comes in a glossy black case with metallic dusky pink sides. The album tracklist written on the back of the box is printed onto the case in a darker shade of black. As with the other boxset versions of the album, I love the magnetic closure on the box! The first item in the box is the beautiful photobook with the same 3D lenticular cover as Versions 1 and 2 of The Album. The black fabric cover of the photobook is printed with silver writing on the back and spine and the photos have a black, white and lavender-blue colour scheme, which I love. I love the minimalist photo shoots and how some images are full page, whereas some have backgrounds or are plain pages with just page numbers printed onto them.

Below the photobook is the Version 3 box’s metallic silver wallet! The wallet includes the same black credits sheet with silver print, along with the two business card sized photocards of the group. In this box, the remaining two business sized photo cards featured Rosé! I also received two postcard sized photocards of Jennie and a matte sticker of the album cover with beautiful holographic accents. The final item in this wallet is the black and white mounted photo of the band, which is the same as the Version 1 and 2 boxes.

Next in the box is the poster of the band and I like that when folded up the front of the poster has the band and album logo. The image chosen for this poster also has the same lavender-blue hue to it, tying it in with the photobook. The four cardboard photocards in this box also have the lavender-blue theme and I love the colour scheme! Finally, the box is completed with a black copy of the CD.

Overall, I love the album itself and the range of styles that are built into the album. I LOVE Lovesick Girls and I think my other favourites at the moment are Pretty Savage and You Never Know! I also love the album boxsets and how they feel premium and limited edition. I love that there is a variety of items included in the boxes and that there are different versions of the boxes, along with some randomly selected items. I am now very much looking forward to receiving my signed album booklet!

Thank you for reading and stay safe!



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