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Blackpink: The Album – Version 2 Boxset Review

Hellooo! Following my last post, this one is going to be all about Version 2 of The Album from Blackpink! As I mentioned in my previous post where I reviewed Version 1, I purchased a bundle of Versions 1, 2 and 3 of The Album from the Blackpink online store and I think this one might just be my favourite!

The box itself is pink with black sides and I’m not quite sure how to describe it but the whole box is matte and has a kind of suedey, velvety feel. The back of the box is printed with the album tracklist in a very pretty iridescent pink. The first item in the box is the photobook, which features the same 3D lenticular cover as Version 1 of The Album. The book has the same black fabric exterior however, the pictures in the photobook are different to the ones in the first book. The colour scheme for the photobook in Version 1 has a black, white and neutral theme whereas the photobook for Version 2 has a black, white and pink colour scheme. I love that the pink pages in this book tie in with the pink exterior of the box itself.

Underneath the photobook is the same metallic silver wallet but with some different varieties of the items inside! The wallet contains the same black credits sheet as Version 1 and also contains the same two group photocards however in my box, the second two photocards feature Jennie. For the two postcards in the wallet, I received images of Lisa and I have to admit that the red background on one of them stands out against everything else in the boxes. Also in the wallet is a sheet of four stickers, with two featuring the album logo and two with the crown image on them. The crown stickers also have a very pretty holographic coating on them! Finally, the wallet also includes a mounted photocard, which was the same as the one in the Version 1 boxset.

Underneath the metallic silver wallet is a poster, featuring an image of Blackpink standing as a group. Also in the boxset is a pack of four hardback photocards. These have a very pretty pink back to them, printed with the band members’ names to correspond to the images on the front and have the same matte coating as the box itself. I love that in each box, the case that these four photocards are held in has a different shaped window on the front. I really love the details throughout all the items in the boxsets! Finally, the boxset is completed with a CD of the album and in this box, it is a pink CD to match the outside of the box.

Overall, I think the Version 2 boxset of The Album is my favourite out of the three that I purchased! I love the premium feel of the matte box itself and the pink theme throughout the box! I also love that some of the items in the boxes are randomly selected, rather than it being a standard selection for them all.

Thank you for reading and stay safe!



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