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5 Seconds of Summer - CALM Bundle Review

Hellooo! On the 5th February, 5 Seconds of Summer announced their new album would be released on the 27th March and was titled CALM! A number of bundles were added to their online store and I couldn't resist pre-ordering one... followed by a second a few weeks later! I have also written a review of the album itself, which you can read here!

The first bundle I pre-ordered included a copy of the Deluxe album on CD, a copy of the standard album on cassette and a signed art card which I was VERY excited about! The bundle was £14.99, which I thought was a bargain, plus £3.95 delivery. The bundle arrived on release day and I was over the moon with it! The CD arrived with a bit of a cracked case but I'm not too fussed about that and I really like the album cover for the deluxe edition! The CALM cassette is a very nice shade of neon pink and the signed art card is great quality, I'm very happy with the bundle!

A few weeks later, 5 Seconds of Summer added some more bundles to the online store and on the 28th February, I pre-ordered a bundle of four signed cassettes, one for each band member. The bundle was £16.00, with £3.95 postage and again, I thought that was a good price considering they were all signed! This bundle actually arrived the day before release day, which caught me by surprise and it was all in perfect condition. It took me a while, but I later realised that the cassettes were completely different colours to what was advertised which I found confusing! Calum's was advertised as Translucent Blue and is blue so that one came as advertised however, Ashton's was advertised as Translucent Purple and is actually red, Luke's was advertised as Silver Metallic and is actually orange and Michael's was advertised as Fluro Blue and is actually green. Now I love the vibrant colours of the cassettes that arrived so I'm definitely not complaining, I'm just a bit confused as to why they are completely different colours to what was advertised! Anyway, I love the bright colours of the cassettes and I also love the cover art that has been chosen for the individual band member versions.

I loved the two bundles I ordered however, after I ordered those and particularly in the week leading up to and following release day, 5 Seconds of Summer released A LOT of new bundles and discounted products. I found this a little frustrating because it seemed like they would promote one set of bundles and then once they had sold out, there was another batch ready which was either cheaper or had extra items in them. This would have been great for people who had missed out on previous bundles however, for people that had bought them, they may have felt like they lost out because later bundles were cheaper or had more unique items in them.

Anyway rant over! I'm very much happy with the items I bought and added to my collection and particularly the signed items! I also LOVE the CALM album and have been listening to it a lot since it was released!

Thanks for reading! Stay inside and stay safe!


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