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FF: Bastille, Alessia Cara and Dua Lipa!

Hellooo! Today's post is another Favourites Friday! This week, I've been loving listening to Bastille's new track with Alessia Cara, Another Place, along with Dua Lipa's new song, Don't Start Now! I was very excited to hear both of these songs when I saw them pop up on YouTube, particularly Another Place from Bastille and Alessia Cara!

First up is Bastille and Alessia Cara's Another Place! As soon as I saw that they had released a track together, I was very excited to hear it as I love Alessia and Dan's voices and was very intrigued to hear how they sounded together! After the first listen, I definitely wasn't disappointed! Their voices blend together perfectly and I love the harmonies and backing vocals throughout the song. Alessia's voice sounds soft but still holds power and I love the harmonies between them in the choruses and the second verse.

I love the production in the first verse, with the song being stripped back to just the vocals, piano and kick drum. The percussion throughout the track suits the song perfectly and is constantly subtly changing. I thought the lyrics told more of a unique story, which I also loved. I love that the video is full of metaphors and it gives the impression that everyone's watching in on Dan as everything around him is falling apart, ending with him painting over the windows. The video appears to take inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and for some reason, I love the wonky furniture!

Next up is Don't Start Now from Dua Lipa! My first impression was that it's VERY catchy and is definitely one that gets stuck in your head! The first time I listened to it, I wasn't sure about the processing on the vocals in the chorus but after the second listen, I decided that I actually really like it! In the choruses, the vocals are at the forefront, along with the bass and the processing and layering on the ​​

vocals makes it sound thicker and stands out against the bass. I love how the smoother melodies in the verses contrast the chorus and I also really like the phrasing in the vocal line in the chorus. The last chorus is filled with synths and layers, building the song to it's end and I love the bass throughout the song!

I LOVE the lyrics throughout Don't Start Now and how it's a powerful break-up song that still sounds happy, if that makes sense! The video for Don't Start Now is sort of a party type video, however it still has a bit of a narrative running through it. I love the aesthetic of the video and the use of colour throughout! Oh and I also liked the expressions on the paintings with moving eyes!

So overall, Another Place and Don't Start Now are my favourite songs this week! I'm really enjoying writing Favourites Friday at the moment and writing in general! Another Place has a unique video which I really like and I love the meaning behind Don't Start Now!

Thanks for reading!


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