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Limited Edition: Taylor Swift - ME! CD (Signed!)

Hellooo! Wayyy back on the 3rd May at somewhere between midnight and 1am, I ​​was scrolling through Instagram and came across a post from Taylor Swift saying she was releasing signed CD copies of her single ME! (with Brendon Urie) through her website! I didn't hesitate to tap the link through to her website and decided to order myself and my friend Lyndsey one! I had a quick look at some of the limited edition vinyl versions of her single however, they bumped the postage up so I decided to just stick to the CD singles. The singles were $5 each, with $9.95 postage on top of them which when converted, came to just over £15 in total, which I thought was a bargain! I featured ME! in a Favourites Friday a few weeks before so I was very excited to have a physical signed version! The website said it would ship in 12 weeks and so the waiting began...

Flash forward to the 12th July and I received an email from Taylor's team that said the following,

Hi Sophie! We are reaching out to you regarding your order with a special surprise! All orders of the "ME!" Autographed CD Single have been upgraded and will now include an exclusive autographed Lover ALBUM BOOKLET instead of a signed "ME!" insert. Your autographed Lover album booklet and "ME!" CD single are scheduled to ship on or around album release date, August 23,2019. If you aren't interested in receiving this special upgrade and would prefer to cancel your order entirely, please reply to this email by Friday July 19th and we'll be happy to issue a refund free of charge. Thank you for supporting Taylor Swift! - Taylor Swift Official UMG Store

I loved how they made it sound like an exciting upgrade when in fact, it was more likely that they ordered duplicates of the Lover album booklet for Taylor to sign instead of the ME! insert by mistake but I wasn't that bothered. What was a little frustrating was that when I ​​ordered the singles, it said they would be shipped in 12 weeks, taking it to around the 26th July however with this update, the shipping date was moved to around 23rd August, almost a month later.

Flash forward again to the 22nd August and I received an email saying that my order was 'in the process of being shipped' along with a PDF attached with an Express Warranty of Authenticity, which I've never had for any of my previous signed CD's! On the 26th August my order was 'being processed' and on the 27th it was dispatched! My order then arrived on the 5th September, which I thought was pretty quick for international delivery!

The ME! CD singles and Lover album booklets arrived in great condition and I was VERY happy with them! I love a signed CD and didn't think I'd manage to get my hands on a Taylor Swift one so I was VERY happy to add it to my collection!

Overall, even though it took 4 months from ordering for them to be popped through my letter box, they were a bargain and I'm so happy with mine! I liked that they emailed out the update about the Lover album booklet and I did find it amusing how they dressed it up to be a 'special surprise' rather than a mistake on their part!

Thanks for reading!


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